Fans ask "Does Henry on Married At First Sight have Tourette's?"

One of the Married At First Sight cast members is the topic of online speculation after displaying a series of tics. 

Henry Rodriguez, who has been partnered with Christina by the Married At First Sight experts, has been a solid fan favourite this season.

The eleventh season of the hit Lifetime dating show returned on Wednesday, July 15th.

One thing that viewers have picked up on in the episodes which have aired thus far is Henry’s physical tics. This has led to the question of whether the Married At First Sight star has Tourette’s.

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Who is Henry Rodriguez?

Henry Rodriguez is a 35-year-old clinical recruiter, known as “The Reserved Gentleman” on Married At First Sight. He is from New Orleans.

He was matched with 30-year-old flight attendant Christina. Initially, it looked like Henry might be into Christina. However, one awkward wedding combined her behaviour immediately after the ceremony proved to be a big red flag.

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Out of all the couples this season, Christina and Henry have hardly clicked. In fact, Christina couldn’t even remember his name after they tied the knot.

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Fans question: “Does Henry have Tourette’s?”

Unconfirmed. As the identity of the Married At First Sight stars stays pretty much under wraps while the show airs, it would be hard, if not near impossible, to find out if Henry actually has Tourette’s.

Throughout this season, viewers have picked up on physical tic of Henry’s. Physical tics are a major indicator of Tourette’s, as they are exacerbated in stressful or anxiety-inducing situations. Getting married to a stranger definitely fits the bill of an anxiety-inducing set-up!

One viewer who also has Tourette’s took to Twitter to ask the question. They continued to say: “This quarantine made my anxiety so worse I almost tic daily but his tics are me on my worst days. He seems like maybe severe social anxiety too?”

If it is not Tourette’s syndrome, some have speculated that Henry has social anxiety and it is a nervous tic. This has not been confirmed by Henry.

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