Has Kortni left Floribama Shore? Here's why she isn't in Season 4

Season 4 of ‘Floribama Shore’ is getting underway, and fans are loving the new series! However, one person missing was Kortni Gibson. Has Kortni left ‘Floribama Shore’?

Kortni had decided to leave the show in the middle of Season 3. Looking at the new series, she is nowhere to be seen. It is safe to assume that the reality star will not be a part of Season 4, as she has not yet been seen, and was not part of the trailer. Despite this, people have a lot to look forward to on the show.

Did Kortni leave Floribama Shore?

  • Yes

Kortni never announced that she would be leaving the show forever. Earlier, the reality star had opened up about her mental health issues.

In season 3, Kortni had struggled to maintain good mental health.

Following this, she decided to leave the show in the middle to seek help.

Speaking to Dr. Drew on MTV News, she said:

I thought I had been rock bottom before, but that was an all-time low. After the cameras were off, I was talking about sexual assault that happened to me and how I wasn’t okay.”

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Is Kortni coming back to Floribama Shore?

  • At the time of writing, it has not been announced whether or not Kortni is returning

She had later opened up about her problems while sitting down with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In the interview, Kortni opened up about her sexual assault and how it had affected her life. Kortni was then not present in Season 4.

However, since she has not announced that she is leaving, it is possible that the reality star may be back on the show when she feels comfortable.

Season 4 trailer explored

The new trailer for the upcoming season guarantees a lot of entertainment. Things are going to be different this season as the Floribama Shore family will be changing their location. At the same time, the cast will be joined by other close friends.

The biggest surprise of the season will be Nilsa Prowant sharing the news of her pregnancy. Last season, the show had dealt with Gus Smyrnios and Jeremiah Buoni’s friendship. Viewers could see that the two were at rock bottom. It is possible that the upcoming show will deal with their friendship a bit further.



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