How to buy pallets of returns Extreme Unboxing style: Bidding and more!

If there is a Storage Wars shaped hole in your heart, then A&E Network have come up with just the show to fill it. 

Cue Extreme Unboxing, a new reality series which follows people who buy pallets full of returned items from retailers like Walmart, Target, and Macy’s to then resell the products for profit. The show watches as these pro buyers go through the whole unboxing business, from the point of purchase to the auctions.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in getting into, then we have all the details on how to buy and join the Extreme Unboxing movement.

Extreme Unboxing (2020) – A&E

How do the pallets of returns work?

Big companies like Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Amazon all receive millions of returns every year. Wonder what happens to those returns? They are packaged up into boxes and sold off at a much cheaper price to people like those featured on Extreme Unboxing.

These companies have contracts with liquidators, who then sell off the returned pallets of products to individuals at a low cost.

Some products are just as new and can be sold as such, others are not worth a resell, so it’s a lucky dip with the pallets.

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Extreme Unboxing: How to buy

Extreme Unboxing’s married team Paul and Heather explained how they got into the unboxing ‘biz on YouTube.

Heather explains: “Each liquidator has their own way of reselling the product to you, so [with] some you have to work with an actual sales manager, some you can go straight onto their website, look at the products, look at a manifest, buy that way. Others you have to bid auction-style on it.”

Paul claims: “A quick Google search and you’ll find them.”

Thrifting is also a key way to get into the unboxing business, so also be on the look out for bundle deals. You can find this stuff by searching for pallet boxes online. You are then sent the pallet box, and when you unbox it, there could be treasures waiting on a resell inside. Also remember, if you buy in bulk, you’ll be getting the best price!




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