Sick Ian misses Big Brother veto - what happened to the All-Stars player?

Big Brother fans are fearing for Ian Terry’s health after a difficult few days.

Ian, the winner of Big Brother 14, returned for the All-Stars season, joining many other familiar faces from the show over the years.

Throughout this year’s competition, Ian has been a firm fan favourite, and fans have leapt to his defence as other BB housemates have started to turn on him.

But now there are concerns for Ian’s health after he announced he was sick. So, what happened to Ian from Big Brother?

Winning houseguest, Ian Terry, poses with host, Julie Chen, on the BIG BROTHER Finale, Wednesday, September 20. (Photo by Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images)

Ian Terry on Big Brother

Ian has been having an incredibly tough few weeks in the Big Brother house. With Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina gone, the rest of the house have started to focus their attention on eliminating Ian.

When he appeared in Big Brother 14, Ian was the underdog. At that point he was just 21 years old and studying for a degree in engineering.


Since entering Big Brother again for the 22nd season, Ian has struggled with playing the game. Largely this is because Ian is friends with some of the competitors. He has openly discussed his difficulty with turning on people he knows in the real world. In the clip below, Ian opened up to Nicole Franzel about his difficulties in the house.

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Is Ian sick?

For viewers who have been tuning into the Big Brother live streams, you may have noticed that Ian is sick as of late. As a result of his sickness, Ian has been struggling to get to sleep. This has been playing greatly on his overall wellbeing and now Ian is considering self-eviction.

In Wednesday, September 9th’s episode, Ian said he was too sick to play veto which had many fans questioning what he is actually ill with.

Many fans thought that Ian’s anxiety was the cause of his illness, and one fan pointed out that medical didn’t “clear him to play” as his blood pressure was too high.

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