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Is Expedition Bigfoot cancelled on Travel Channel?

Bigfoot is something which everybody all over the world has heard of, but nobody has officially seen…

Each year, there are reports of a large, hairy, humanlike creature roaming the woods of North America. Many are convinced Bigfoot is nothing but mythical, yet others are sure the creature is out there.

Expedition Bigfoot follows a team of experts as they attempt to hunt down the cryptid, or any evidence which would prove their existence. Reality Titbit have explored if the show has been cancelled, Dr. Jane Goodall’s influence on the Bigfoot community and viewers reactions to the season so far…

Branching Out | Trailer | Nat Geo

Branching Out | Trailer | Nat Geo

Is Expedition Bigfoot cancelled?

The short answer to this query is no – Expedition Bigfoot hasn’t been cancelled, viewers can tune in to Travel Channel every Sunday at 10/9c to watch the experts at work.

The show is currently airing it’s third season, which many have claimed is the best yet, as they have “never been closer to finding Bigfoot” as the trailer tells us.

The season is coming to a close, however the team have not officially announced if they will be back for season 4, so fans will have to wait for more information on this.

Dr. Jane Goodall on Bigfoot

Dr. Jane Goodall featured on the show’s premiere as a primatologist, where she discussed her thoughts about Bigfoot. Goodall explained that she has an open mind when it comes to Sasquatch and does not disregard the idea that the creature is out there somewhere.

Cast members of the show have praised Jane for getting involved. Le Blanc said that this “opens the door to a wider audience of people to drive awareness to what we’re trying to do, and the reality is out there we’re trying to bring forth.”

Bryce Johnson also touched on this, as he said that Goodall’s comments will make Bigfoot become “a little less silly, and a little more serious.”

Viewers react to Expedition Bigfoot season 3

Fans of the show have jumped to social media to discuss all the latest of Expedition Bigfoot season 3.

One viewer wrote on Instagram: “This season is just jam packed full of intense excitement 👏 every season it gets better and better and better”. Another commented: “Very excited! I love the viewpoints that you take and the knowledge you bring to this project. Got to say, though, that shadow was unsettling. Looking forward to the rest of this season!”

Others have taken to Twitter…



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