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Jamie's shocking twist on Michelle's The Bachelorette causes drama

The Bachelorette season 18 is currently airing on ABC, and Jamie has quickly gone from the favorite to the villain within minutes…

Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette has been the topic on everybody’s lips the past few weeks.

On her quest to find love, Michelle will have to go over many bumps and hurdles to find her soulmate.

Last week, we saw the drama unfold with Jamie and Michelle, and Reality Titbit has found out everything you need to know about the shocking twist…

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Trailer

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Trailer

What happened with Jamie and Michelle?

Jamie’s experience on The Bachelorette has quickly gone pear-shaped.

This happened when he revealed to Michelle his concerns about her knowing Joe before the show.

He twisted the other contestant’s words and said that the whole house was questioning her character and that they all thought she was a liar.

When Michelle confronted the men about this, most of them didn’t know what she was on about, as Jamie had completely exaggerated his story.

However, Michelle never revealed to the other men that it was Jamie who had said these claims, she kept this a secret.

Why did Michelle not reveal Jamie as her source?

Since the episode aired, viewers all over the world have been wondering one thing – why did Michelle not tell the other suitors that it was Jamie who lied about these claims?

On The Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, Michelle revealed that she didn’t expose Jamie due to the connection she felt with him.

Michelle said:

It’s so hard when you’re in the seat where someone is bringing something, and confiding in you, and telling you a piece of information . . . at the moment, when it was brought to my attention, it came off very tasteful. And I guess I wanted to keep that confidentiality on my part.

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Jamie and Michelle’s relationship

Prior to this upset, Michelle and Jamie’s relationship was going very well.

During their first date together, they shared intimate, personal details of each other’s lives, including Jamie’s mother’s suicide when he was 24 years old.

At the end of their date, Michelle gave Jamie a rose, and they shared a kiss together.

Whether or not Jamie can save himself and rebuild Michelle’s trust is unknown, and only time will tell…



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