Has Janelle Pierzina had plastic surgery? Big Brother return in 2020

Some Big Brother favourites have returned to our screens this August with a brand new season of All-Stars.

Big Brother 22 kicked off on CBS on Wednesday, August 5th with a super secret cast moving into the house.

The new season, which was delayed by a couple of months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, has seen 16 familiar faces brought back into the Big Brother house, including Janelle Pierzina.

Janelle has made history on this most recent series, as she has now starred on Big Brother in three separate decades. But despite the fact viewers are well used to seeing Janelle on the show, they still are unaware of whether she has had plastic surgery or not. So, has Janelle Pierzina had plastic surgery?

Janelle Pierzina and plastic surgery

Janelle has never spoken openly about whether she’s gone under the knife, but that hasn’t stopped fans speculating.

Over the years, Big Brother viewers have questioned whether Janelle has had a nose job, lip fillers, and other various physical augmentations.

Janelle has openly spoken about her use of botox. In fact, we even know where Janelle goes to get her treatments, as she credited Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina, Minnesota for her botox work in an Instagram post.


When looking at pictures of Janelle before she entered Big Brother, she does not look too dissimilar to now. So, we are to believe that any work she’s had has been pretty minimal.

Janelle returns to Big Brother

Janelle was first introduced to viewers on Big Brother 6. She then went on to star in the 7th and then 14th series, becoming one of the show’s most popular contestants.

In series 6 and 7 (which was the first All-Stars series), Janelle did well and made it to the final 3. But knowing what a good player she was, Janelle’s housemates in series 14 were quick to evict her.

Now, Janelle is one of the 16 All-Stars taking on the house again. Here’s hoping that this 2020 season will be Janelle’s most successful yet, and she can secure that mega cash prize that she so deserves!





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