We found Liz Cavalier's daughter Jessica on Instagram: Swamp People star!

Swamp People proves that the History channel can compete with the likes of Bravo, E! and TLC to create binge-worthy reality TV.

The reality series follows gator hunters during the thirty most important days of their year: hunting season.

One of the show’s most popular cast members is Liz Cavalier, who earned herself the title of ‘Gator Queen’ on the show. Liz left the series in 2016, however made a return to the show for season 12, which came as a surprise to Swamp People’s loyal fans.

Let’s get to know Liz and her daughter Jessica better.

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Who is Liz Cavalier’s daughter?

  • Jessica Cavalier

Liz Cavalier from Swamp People has a daughter named Jessica. She also has two step-sons named Daemon and Destin, from her husband Justin Choate’s previous relationship.

It is thought that Jessica Cavalier is around 27 years old as of 2021. Jessica is often referred to as the ‘Gator Princess’ after her mother’s title.

The family live on Pecan Island in Louisiana. Jessica two daughters of her own, Bella and Ellie.

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Swamp People fans react to Jessica and Liz’s team work

Fans of the History show might recall Jessica making an appearance over the years. Every time Jessica Cavalier popped up on Swamp People, she made an impression.

One viewer tweeted: “Liz & her daughter is the definition of true bada**es.”

Another fan tweeted, “Liz and her daughter might be my new favorite team on the swamp,” with the hashtag ‘Girls Rock’.

Jessica Cavalier on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Jessica Cavalier from Swamp People and want to keep up with her day-to-day life, then we’ve got you covered.

We found Jessica on Instagram, to which she regularly posts.

You can find her under the handle @_itsjessbby. As of publication date, Jessica has over 1,300 followers and counting.



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