Love After Lockup: Is Anissa's fiancé real? Co-stars speculate!

Since ‘meeting‘ 10 years ago via a pen pal website, Anissa and her fiancé Jeffrey are yet to meet IRL. Jeffrey’s unreliability has fans wondering if he’s even a real person.

Anissa is now waiting for Jeffrey to be released from prison.

Anissa’s relationship with Jeffrey explored

A new season of Love After Lockup sees the relationship between Anissa, a reported truck driver, and Jeffrey.

Hailed from Oakdale, Louisiana, Anissa’s fiancé, Jeffrey, met Anissa via a pen pal website a decade ago.

The two initially wrote letters to each other, before graduating on to phone calls as Anissa waits for Jeffrey to be released from prison.

Enamored by Jeffrey, Anissa gave her all into the over-the-phone relationship – both emotionally and financially. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as though her efforts have been reciprocated. 36-year-old Jeffrey was reportedly supposed to be released from prison twice but has bailed on Anissa both times. What’s up with that?

Now, fans and friends of Anissa are wondering if the guy is even a real person – perhaps Nev from Catfish needs to make an appearance?

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Friends speculate if Anissa’s fiancé is real

It sure seems suspicious that Jeff has never made an IRL appearance. Although Anissa has clearly heard his voice over the phone, it could still be too good to be true. If you’re an avid Catfish viewer, you’ll know those posing with fake identities can get away with anything if they want to!

In a clip, 51-year-old Anissa revealed that the pair were meant to wed on two separate occasions, but Jeff bailed without explanation.

In blatant shock, Anissa’s friend asks: “So what makes you think he’s going to show up this time?”

Adamant, Anissa confirms to herself: “He’s going to show up.”

It’s likely that Jeffrey has just been slightly too nervous to meet Anissa after prison – we really hope the third time is the charm!

How to watch Love After Lockup

Love After Lock Up is available to stream on WeTV.

You can also catch up and watch the trailer here.

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