Are Zac and Elizabeth from Love Island USA still together?

The inaugural season of American Love Island has been a whirlwind over the past four weeks and has seen the first ever couple take the title of ‘Love Island winners’.

There have been 25 contestants come and go from the Fiji villa during the 27 days we have watched them all try to find love.

Elizabeth Weber and Zac Mirabelli were one of the show’s strongest and most consistent couples over the weeks we’ve watched them day-in and day-out on our screens. So it’s no surprise that they won the public vote and secured that major $100,000 prize!

But where are Zac and Elizabeth now and are they still together?

Things are looking pretty serious for this Love Island-winning couple…

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Zac and Elizabeth’s Love Island journey

Out of all of the final four couples – which included Alexandra and Dylan, Ray and Caro, and Weston and Emily – Zac and Elizabeth were the only couple to have started their Love Island journey together.

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These OG contestants coupled up from the outset of the show when Zac thought “Elizabeth is lovely”.

Their relationship only went from strength to strength and they were exclusive by day 11 in the villa. They’d said “I love you” by day 25!

Elizabeth knew Zac was the one for her, as she attempted to date Islander Cormac Murphy in the first week but feelings weren’t there.

And the Love Island 2019 winners are…

On Wednesday, August 7th the first Love Island final took place after four weeks of dating and drama.

Elizabeth and Zac were the favourites to win as these frontrunners had been together the longest out of all the couples in the 2019 villa.

In their emotional declarations of love they gave to one another, Elizabeth said “I can picture a life with you” and that “finding you makes me feel like I’m living a fairytale that just makes all the stories and all of the books jealous”.

We think these two are 100% the real deal.

Are Zac and Elizabeth still together?

Yes! The couple made it very clear during their time on Love Island that they had intentions to stay together after leaving the Fiji villa.

Although Zac Mirabelli lives in Chicago and Elizabeth lives in New York, they decided they’d make a long-distance relationship work. There was even talk of the couple moving to Los Angeles together as their final settling place.

Relationships move incredibly fast in the world of Love Island and so the next steps are baby steps for the couple. But Zac did joke that they’re “probably gonna get married in like six months” at the rate they’re going in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.



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