Since the American spinoff of Britain’s favourite summer show, Love Island, kicked off on Tuesday, July 9th, rumours and gossip have been non-stop on Twitter.

No matter which version of Love Island you watch, be that UK, US or Australia, everyone loves to gossip about the Islanders. And Love Island USA viewers have one target in particular: Caro Viehweg.

From her grating baby voice to her weird laugh, Caro seems to be getting under the last nerves of everyone watching the American series this summer.

And now they’ve noticed Caro has something suspicious going on with her eye, they won’t stop mocking it on Twitter!

So does Caro have pink eye? We’ve done some digging into what’s going on with Caro’s eyes to find out the real answer.

Screenshot: Love Island USA: Caro’s Baby Voice Is Back – YouTube

What’s going on with Caro’s eye?

Occasionally, viewers have spotted that Caro’s left eye goes red and bloodshot. This has led some to speculate that she has pink eye.

Pink eye – or conjunctivitis if we’re getting medical here – is a pretty common infection. But it’s one you wouldn’t want to be having in the Love Island villa as it’s quite contagious! Now that’s got to be a bit of a turn-off…

Although it is unconfirmed that she has pink eye, Cormac was spotted distributing eye drops in her left eye. And antibacterial eye drops are the most common form of treatment for conjunctivitis.

Some have speculated that she could be getting this bloodshot eye from allergies, however, that is likely to affect both eyes, not just one.

This leads us to think Caro does actually have an eye infection, but there’s no way to hide it being on camera 24/7. This infection could be caused by anything from contact lenses to not taking off her makeup.

What Twitter has to say about Caro’s pink eye

If Caro has been unwell, the Islanders have done a pretty good job at not mentioning her pink eye.


But that hasn’t stopped everyone on Twitter from talking about it.

Some viewers target Caro in general – pink eye included – saying “Caro’s pink eye and baby voice need to be DUMPED off the island ASAP”.

But some don’t seem that bothered by her illness, struggling with her babyish-ness instead. One viewer said, “I can live with Caro, I can live with her pink eye, but I cannot accept her baby voices”.

How to watch Love Island USA

Love Island USA, unlike its British counterpart, only lasts four weeks.

The final will air on CBS on Wednesday, August 7th.

The series airs every weeknight at 8 pm until this date.


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