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Love Island USA: Who is Melvin Cinco - fans speculate he has a girlfriend!

Melvin Cinco stars in series three of Love Island USA and fans are beginning to speculate that he has a girlfriend following Reddit rumours…

Meet the new US Islander as we explore the relationship rumours, Twitter reactions and more!

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Who is Love Island’s Melvin Cinco?

Melvin Holland Jr., known on the show as Cinco, is a 25-year-old from Northern Virginia.

As an ex-football player, he previously played as number five which gave him the nickname ‘Cinco’.

In his promo video for Love Island USA, Cinco stated that being an athlete gave him the confidence to talk to girls alongside the stigma of being a player.

@thetough_cinco shares fitness content and more on his Instagram platform with a current total of over 13,000 followers.

Categorised as a sportsperson, Cinco also lists his star sign in his bio as Sagittarius, meaning his birthday is approximately located between November 22nd and December 21st.

Melvin is co-founder of The Tough Fitness, a company that specialises in athlete explosive performance training located in Virginia.

Check out @thetough_fitness on Instagram.

Additionally, find the 6’2 1/2 sportsman over on TikTok as @thetough_cinco


2 months and watch the come up ‼️🔥💪🏾#summertimegrind #shred

♬ original sound – John Queen

Girlfriend speculations explored

Entering the villa as a bombshell means Cinco has the ability to potentially split up a happy couple.

However, recent rumours speculate that Melvin is already in a happy couple of his own, at home…

The star’s promo video for the show states that he has been single for around two and half years, despite being in situation-ships that were not serious.

A particular Reddit thread contains many speculations surrounding Cinco’s relationship status…

A social media user revealed that Cinco supposedly ‘loves’ his girlfriend who stays in Pennsylvania, according to information provided by a co-worker who happens to be friends with the rumoured girlfriend in question.

A screenshot of the reported conversation is featured in a tweet below.

Will Cinco definitely win somebody’s heart on Love Island as he previously claimed?

Twitter reacts to the rumours 

Fans of the dating show have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment, providing that the information happens to be confirmed.

Some viewers no longer trust Cinco…

Another user joked that they expected the news of a secret girlfriend.

However, many viewers refuse to belive the speculations due to a lack of evidence.

Many fans are trying to prevent the spreading of the supposed girlfriend rumours since there is an absence of actual proof.

Stay updated on the supposed sticky situation on CBS’s Love Island USA!

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