Love Island: Who is Moira Tumas? Age, modelling and past relationships!

It is that time again. Sexy singles in a villa, the heat and of course: LOVE!

Love Island USA is coming back with Series 2, and after Love Island, UK was cancelled this summer due to Coronavirus, we are SO excited to watch romance blossom in the villa.

As always, this year’s contestants are all very easy on the eye. So easy, we have already started stalking them to find out everything we can before the show airs on Agust 24.

There is 11 contestants that have been confirmed to be entering the villa on Day 1- but we all know that with the show’s many twists and turns, bombshell after bombshell will be dropped. for now let’s focus on what will be the Day 1 babes: such as model Moira Tumas.

Love Island USA season 2 – CBS

Who is Moira Tumas?

Moira Tumas is a 28-year-old model from Brielle, New Jersey. This stunning 5’8 blonde, who has worked for brands such as Tarte and Givenchy, is entering the villa to find a best friend who enjoys “snuggling”; as it is her favourite part of a relationship.

She actually has just recently got out of an eight-year-old relationship due to the fact that her ex-partner was not ready for marriage. Well, she has gone to the right place to fall in love all over again!


On her meet-the-cast interview, she said that “if we can vibe and roll with it I’m like… let’s get married”.

Random fun facts: her star sign is Pisces and her celebrity crushes are Paul Rudd and Liam Hemsworth.

More about the blonde model

Moira is (obviously) very into fitness and practices and practices all kinds of exercise; from kickboxing to yoga. She has shared little snippets of her yoga skills on her Instagram, for all of us to enjoy. She has also described herself as very artistic and says that one of her hobbies is painting.

Because she grew up a mile away from the sea, making her the actual definition of a Beach Babe, Moira loves any type of water activity. Paddleboarding, kayaking, water skiing, etc. You name it, she is there.


The model also seems very family-oriented. She constantly shares adorable stories with her niece, who she refers to as her best friend, and her parent’s marriage of over 35 years has “taught her how to love”.

Brb, crying.

Moira Truman’ social media

As all Love Island contestants have us used to, Moira has already quite a bit of following on her Instagram page  (@moiratumas)with 12.9K followers.

The model shares a lot of her modelling work on her page and also has a Pinterest (@moiratumas) and an online portfolio where you can see all of her previous work (

Good luck Moira, we hope you find your prince charming!

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