Love Island: Who is Johnny Middlebrooks? Age, Instagram and TikTok!

With Love Island USA airing on CBS from August 24, reality TV fans are desperate for a summer of romance and drama.

This year’s revealed contestants are to die for; so we could not resist getting our stalk on and finding out all we could about the 11 singletons entering the villa on day 1.

Here is all you need to know about stud John Middlebrooks.

Johnny Middlebrooks

Who is Johnny Middlebrooks?

Johnny Middlebrooks is a 22-year-old student from Chesapeake, Virginia. The Gemini is part of the athletic team in his university – which he says leads him to an “undeservedly reputation as a player”.

In reality, Johnny explains he is a huge romantic and that he is entering the Love Island villa looking for a serious relationship. His relationship role models are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, which we imagine he picked before the recent Red Table revelations.

“I would make a good boyfriend because of my ability to listen, compromise, forgive, understand and love,” Jonny said.

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When asked how he would write his own writing profile, the college athlete said: “Dating for me has felt like paying
rent for a one-room apartment with bad furniture and no electricity (temporary). I want to be paying a mortgage on a mansion with a long driveway, a pool in the backyard, and cars in the garage (permanent).”

We repeat – sound the alarm – because we have found the perfect man!

College athlete turn Love Island

Johnny loves cutting hair (he cuts his own), running, photography, modeling, lifting and hiking.

He has an older sister named Olivia, and they are very close. So close that she is going to be the one running the college athletes while he is living the summer of his life and finding love in the villa.


Johnny on Instagram and TikTok

We are used to the fact that some islanders contestants already have a bit of following on social media – and let’s just say that Johnny is doing very well for himself.

He has 168K followers on Instagram (@johnny_llee), where he has kept a tight log of his insane body transformation and his workout antics. He also liked to upload some modelling photos here and there that we bet none of his followers are complaining about.

He also has a TikTok account, where he posts much more relaxed and funny content, with over 43K followers and more than 370K likes in total.

We cannot wait to see Johnny hopefully find ‘the One’ in the Love Island villa and we wish him an amazing journey.

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