Derrick Henry has been on multiple MTV reality shows.

This time, he’s on MTV’s Game of Clones, looking for his one and only by dating seven women that look like his celebrity crush, Gigi Hadid.

With seven Gigi Hadid lookalikes to pick from, he finally narrowed it down to Brittany Coffey.

So who is the model from Los Angeles? And is she on Instagram?

Screen Shot: Derrick and Brittany - MTV, Game of Clones S1E5

Screen Shot: Derrick and Brittany – MTV, Game of Clones S1E5

Brittany is a model

Brittany is a beautiful woman, and modeling looks like it comes to her like second nature.

Her horse tattoo and long legs are on full blast as she models.

She’s very confident

She has the body everyone wishes they had in life.

It’s a definite NSFW photo, and that’s what makes it look even hotter – agree?


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I got timid and archived this photo. But *this year* I ain’t archivin’ shit. • @baariksgallery ⚡️🙃

A post shared by Britt Coffey (@bargot_bobbie) on Jan 3, 2019 at 5:00pm PST

Any color looks good on Brittany…

Besides having the dream body she has worked so hard for she has looks amazing in almost anything.

Yup, we’re kind of jealous.

Brittany loves a fishnet

Speaking about looking great in anything – she really can pull off the fishnet look.

And here we are at home looking like a mermaid caught in a deep sea line!

She’s a complete beach babe

She makes us wish it was summer already so we could be at the beach all day!



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