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Meet the Jason Momoa lookalikes from Game of Clones: Who will Cara Maria Sorbello pick?

Cara Maria Sorbello was in the hot seat on March 28th as she attempted to find her one and only in a sea of bodies that looked like Jason Momoa.

The Challenge star has already booted off two lookalikes on account that they couldn’t find their way to her heart through her favourite kinds of food.

Though not all of the remaining lookalikes have Instagram accounts, here are three of the Game of Clones Jason Momoa lookalikes on social media.

Screen Shot: Jason Momoa lookalikes – MTV, Game of Clones S1E6

Game of Clones, Jason Momoa: Sammy Elliot

Sammy may look like Jason Momoa, but is this 28-year-old anything like him?

According to his Instagram, Sammy is living in LA, and he’s an actor. Sammy is also a published model.

He is a total fitness and hiking junkie.

It’s just not loving fitness and working out – Sammy is also International Sports Sciences Association certified.

Instagram: @samski1411

Reality Titbit lookalike: 4/10

Jason Momoa lookalike: Jamieson Fitzpatrick

Though you won’t find the real Jason Momoa at Coachella, you might see his lookalike Jamieson at a rave!

He has a gorgeous pup named Athena, and he’s a book cover model.

Instagram: @jamiesonfitzpatrick

Reality Titbit lookalike: 1/10

Game of Clones, Jason Momoa: Mike

Though we don’t know Mike’s last name this Jason Momoa lookalike is a hero just like Aquaman – yes ladies he’s a marine!

According to his Instagram, he’s an actor and a doggy daddy.

Instagram: @knucks_mcdieselbuff

Reality Titbit lookalike: 5/10



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