Meet the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown cast on Instagram - J Storme, Cody, Derek!

When you think of Westerns, there’s one thing that immediately springs to mind: Cowboys.

It’s no surprise that Western-themed network INSP would eventually bring a cowboy reality series to our screens sooner or later!

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown kicks off on Monday, October 14th 2019 and will be a six-night event.

Viewers are already excited about the show – and its host, country music star Trace Adkins – but who are the cowboys taking on the challenge?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown cast… we found them on Instagram!

Screenshot: The Ultimate Cowboy Showdown sneak peak – INSP YouTube

Jason Davis

From: Washington, D.C.

About: Jason was born to be a cowboy, he was raised on a horse-breeding farm and started riding when he was just 3-years-old! He made the move to North Caroline to pursue his dreams where he works part-time as a volunteer firefighter and truck driver to cover him financially while he attempts to become a full-time cowboy.

Instagram: @derwindavis82

Cuatro Houston

From: Devine, Texas

About: After years of competing in rodeos, Cuatro hung up his cowboy boots to look after his wife and children. Cuatro is a 4th generation cowboy who now works full-time at a Texan ranch. This return to the rodeo was inspired after his mother passed away. Cuatro is seeking to win the competition to honour his late mother.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.

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J Storme Jannise

From: Hamshire, Texas

About: One of just two women competing in the competition, J Storme has the guts and determination to go all the way. A 4th generation cattle rancher, former Texas beauty queen and a college graduate with a focus on agriculture… J Storme sounds like she can take on anything!

Instagram: @j.storme

Hadley Hunting

From: McKinnon, Wyoming

About: Hadley has an experienced background as a cowboy. He won a full scholarship to college through rodeo and later became a pro bronc and bull rider. Hadley splits his time between the Wyoming cattle ranch he owns and his home with his wife in Hooper, Utah.

Instagram: @hadleyhunting

Jared Lee

From: Live Oak, Florida

About: Jared is a 5th generation Florida cowboy who now lives and operates his horse training business and cattle ranch in Mississippi. Jared’s greatest inspiration was his father, Jesse Lee.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.

Ethan Treadwell

From: Frederick, Oklahoma

About: Ethan took over his father’s ranch, Land & Cattle, after he passed away. Since he took over, Ethan has seen the business boom and they have even expanded their work into Kansas.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.

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Derek Lacasa

From: Hollister, California

About: Although you may not recognise Derek, you’ve probably seen his work in some major Hollywood films such as 3:10 to Yuma and Django Unchained! Derek has worked as a Western stuntman for over a decade while also pursuing a career as a ranch hand and pro bull rider.

Instagram: @dereklacasa


Tara Powers

From: Numa, Iowa

About: Tara is the second female taking on the show. She grew up on a farm in Iowa with her cowboy father, who is her biggest inspiration. Tara is also one of the competitors with the most experience in the field, having tought Agriculture and worked on an Oklahoman feedlot with over 80,000 cattle!

Instagram: @prettyandpunchy

Juan Carlos Villalpando

From: Chula Vista, California

About: Juan Carlos is the only vaquero in the competition and is seeking to represent them and their influence on Western cowboy culture. Juan Carlos is a saddle maker and welder who splits his time between Chula Vista and Baja in Mexico.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.

Cole Sandau

From: Mandan, North Dakota

About: Cole is the only cowboy in the competition representing the Midwest. Ranch work was handed down the Sandau family through the generations and Cole competes in rodeos – with his wife as well – when he is not looking after the farm.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.

Cody Brewer

From: Rickman, Tennessee

About: No stranger to competition, Cody is a champion bull rider for Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and International Professional Rodeo (IPRA). In 2018, Cody won the 49th International Finals Rodeo and is hoping to bring that winning spirit to the competition.

Instagram: @codybrewerpbr

Zane Runyan

From: Roswell, New Mexico

About: Before Zane was into cattle ranching and rodeo, he was a firefighter and paramedic. He worked alongside his father on a cattle ranch until his father decided to retire. Zane is entering the competition to find his own feet, solo.

Instagram: N/A but you can see his Facebook here.




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