Moonshiners: Can you buy Josh's 'Green Lizard Moonshine'?

Moonshiners is an American series that airs on Discovery. It documents the life of people who produce illegal moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

In an episode of Moonshiners which is set to air tonight (October 27th) Josh Owens will be creating his own signature ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’ and fans are thrilled but is it available to purchase?

What is Josh’s ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’?

Tasting Table defines moonshine as a homemade, unaged whiskey, marked by its clear colour, corn base and high alcohol content. According to Moonshine producer Taras Hrabowsky: “Moonshine is one of America’s greatest spirits, but it’s really hard to make exceptionally well because it’s unaged.”

On Moonshiners, Josh will create his ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’ with watermelons as the main ingredient. He was born in Columbus, North Carolina and says that he will be using his family recipe from back home. Josh explains that he grew up drinking this moonshine and old-timers used to say: “It will put some hair on your chest.” Fellow Moonshiner Steven Ray Tickle says: “Hell I’ll drink any liquor we make.”

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Is Josh’s ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’ available to buy?

Unfortunately, Josh’s ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’ is not available to purchase much to fans disappointment.

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However, other moonshines are available both in the UK and the US. Moonshine can be purchased from O’Donnell Moonshine where you will find ‘Tough Nut’ and ‘Wild Berry’ moonshines and many more! Moonshine is also available to purchase at Master of Malt where ‘White Lightning’ moonshine is available all the way from Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina.

Fans call for Josh’s ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’

Despite Josh Owen’s ‘Green Lizard Moonshine’ being unavailable to purchase, fans of the hit Discovery series are calling for it to be made available to the public!

One user tweeted: “You bet especially if Josh is involved making it… and Tickle and Richard and The Laws!!! Gotta be definitely worth a try!!!”

While another tweeted: “For sure. Can’t wait to try it. Question is, how do we get our hands on it?”

Another said: “I’d try anything Josh made!”

One user tweeted their excitement about tonight’s episode of Moonshiners: “Love this program can’t wait.”



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