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Street Outlaws’ Axman had his Chevy labelled the “most recognisable”

Larry “Axman” Roach is one of Street Outlaws’ OG drivers and car builders and he also has one of the nicest cars. He has been featured on the show for many seasons now and his latest and most iconic car has fans’ jaws dropping on the floor.

His car has been classed as one of the “most recognisable” on the show and we are here to provide all the details on the beast, check it out.

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Panorama- Recycling: Where Does My Rubbish Go? | Trailer | BBC

Panorama- Recycling: Where Does My Rubbish Go? | Trailer | BBC
Larry Roach. Picture: Axman The Life Of a Logger Part 1

Axman’s stand-out car

We get to see Axman’s stunning car featured throughout No Prep Kings and it’s the most recognisable for a reason. Larry currently owns a 1963 Chevy II which features a giant axe on the bonnet and another on the rear deck lid.

After running N/T radial N/T events for two years, Roach gave up the small tires for big ones and has found his home in the no prep world.

Axman moved to drag racing for the “unlimited money”

During a No Prep interview, Larry opened up about why he moved to drag racing, and he wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest, he explained:

Really, what got me to switch over was that radial tire racing was just unlimited money. It was who was willing to blow their shit up and put another engine in right there on the spot was going to win.

Larry Roach

Axman’s views on racing began to change and he realised he wanted to do it as a hobby, simply because he loved it and enjoyed racing. He went on to say:

That’s what I told myself – from now on, that’s the way racing was going to be. I don’t want to hate going racing. I love it because it’s my hobby, and that’s what I wanna keep it at.

Larry Roach

His passion for racing started at 10 years old

Racing has always been in Axman’s blood as his passion originally blossomed when he was just 10, after watching his cousins race around that age.

As he grew older, he started working on cars, eventually building his own 1972 Nova. Around the same time, he met Brent Austin, driver of the Megalodon 1969 Camaro. Roach recalled:

I watched Brent at New London Dragstrip. He did an eighth-mile burnout in the raggediest old Nova you’ve ever seen in your life, and it had a blown big block in it. Listening to that blower, I couldn’t believe it. I bumped into Brent where he worked at, and just by talking to him, he asked who was building my engines. At the time, I was doing it myself. I didn’t know anything about a blower. So he took me under his wing, built my motor, basically a whole car and everything.

Larry Roach



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