Summer House: What happened to Carl's brother? Show highlights his death

The latest episode of Summer House left everyone emotional after Carl Radke opened up about his brother’s death. Here’s a look at what happened to Carl’s brother.

Carl revealed that his older brother Curtis had passed away. The news came as a shock to many, and people were quick to share some kind words for the reality star on social media. Carl had expressed his feeling about the latest episode in a post that read, “Sharing our lives and opening up about things we never thought we’d have to is really hard. All I can say is don’t be afraid to check in on your loved one.”

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What happened to Carl’s brother?

Carl had revealed that his brother struggled with mental health and addiction for many years. Opening up about his death he said, “I know everyone sees me living my best life on reality TV, and I’ll be the first to admit I have been blessed in many ways… but today I want to remove the “lens,” so to speak, by sharing something extremely personal with you.”

“A couple of weeks ago, my brother Curtis passed away after a life-long battle with mental illness and addiction. Losing my big brother is something I never could have imagined, and the sense of loss is even greater,” he added.

He continued, “My brother had an amazing sense of humor. The quotes and silly scenes in movies that we would share are still making me laugh. As children of the 90s, we both lived through the DARE campaign.”

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Carl talks about mental health

Following his brother’s death, Carl decided to change the “tragedy into something uplifting.” He spoke about being part of More Summer Fun, an organization “which is all about maintaining warm vibes even during the “stormy” seasons.”

“Weathering the storm is far easier when you’re surrounded by warm energy and good people. So let’s act like it, beach. Here’s to transforming a year with lots of loss into something meaningful. More Curtis, More Life,” he wrote in the post.   

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