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Susie Evans' Bachelor exit makes her 'perfect' for The Bachelorette 2022

The upcoming 2022 Bachelorette star has not been confirmed, but Susie Evans is already a frontrunner for the show after ditching Clayton Echard on The Bachelor when he slept with the other remaining contestants.

With the ABC show no stranger to making last minute changes, and Clayton’s season soon coming to an end, it’s no surprise that fans are eager to find out who The Bachelorette 2022 star really is.

Considering filming begins in around a week’s time, and that Susie has left, it would make sense. Reality Steve has led the way for rumors surrounding the series for years… and he said Susie is one name he has heard for the role.

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The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

The Bachelor | Midseason Trailer

Susie rumored for The Bachelorette 2022

Susie reportedly dumped Clayton in Iceland and is the only name Reality Steve has heard being dropped as a potential Bachelorette. However, he detailed that this doesn’t mean she will 100% be given the role.

He said:

The one reason why the ‘Clayton is trying to date Susie’ post-show was falling on deaf ears with me was because last week when I mentioned I was hearing one name for Bachelorette, that name was Susie.

However, he added that while he doesn’t know exactly who has the role this year, filming begins for the 2022 show within a week and “they’ve got to be making a decision soon if they haven’t already.”

Reality Steve is not the only person led to think Susie could be the next Bachelorette, following her dramatic walk-off during her time on The Bachelor. It comes after Clayton sleeping with two women was a deal breaker for her.

He continued:

Based on the ending we now know, it certainly seems Susie has a perfect built-in storyline for “Bachelorette,” no? 

The Bachelorette fans call for Susie’s debut

Since Susie cried and walked out from The Bachelor, many assumed she was attempting to score a role on The Bachelorette 2022. And that possibility was firmly welcomed by fans with open arms.

Reports say Clayton himself said he felt like Susie was “trying to play him” and “become the next Bachelorette.” Some viewers are siding with the ABC star, and feel she was acting with an agenda.

A fan wrote: “He’s only a human with feelings, and Susie’s behaviour did feel like she had an agenda, to become The Bachelorette! Give the guy a break!

Another simply said: “If I haven’t said this before, Susie should be the Bachelorette.”

If Susie isn’t The Bachelorette in one of the next few seasons, someone is going to catch these hands. Susie, don’t ever apologize for having standards,” a viewer posted on Twitter.

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Gabby Windey is another rumored star

Gabby Windey is among rumors which say she is the next Bachelorette star. She was one of the last three remaining contestants on Clayton Echard’s season, and asks him to say sorry when he admits he loves her, Susie and Rachel.

This speculation is assuming that she doesn’t end up engaged to Clayton Echard after the finale, which hasn’t yet aired. Reality Steve has also laid down his predictions about what happens in the last episode. He said:

All anyone has talked about all season is Rachel and somehow this season revolves around her, and her being with Clayton, etc. Ultra reliable IG accounts who’ve never spoiled a thing in their life were officially reporting Clayton was with Rachel.  I have no idea why they reported that, I have no idea where this Rachel ending came from, and I’ve never been told all season that Rachel had anything to do with ending.

However, he went on to add that it doesn’t look like a relationship happened with Rachel or Gabby, and said:

As for Gabby and Rachel, again, I’ve been told they have no part of the ending, nor is he trying to date either one of them post show. 



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