In one of the most dramatic The Bachelor episodes we have ever seen, episode six of the show featured a tense threesome date in Paris.

Kendall and Krystal went face-to-face during a romantic dinner in the French countryside, with Kendall coming out on top and earning a rose to remain in the contest.

It was moment all true The Bachelor fans were delighted with, after Krystal had merited the title of ‘villain’ throughout the series.

With six women left in the show and bidding for the love of Arie Luyendyk, here are some of the BEST tweets to grace the internet with the grand finale fast approaching.

1. Romance isn’t dead

2. Bekah v Krystal

3. Bekah v Arie

3. How to solve a problem

3. We were all thinking it

4. At least one was good Brian

5. Real talk

6. Nailed it

7. We’ve all been there. Kind of

8. Err, Jac-a-who?

9. Like two planks of wood rubbing together

10. It’s okay, you’re safe now

11. The truth on Arie

11. A reflection of real life

12. Still better than Southend

12. Someone has cottoned on

13. Arie loves a catchphrase

14. And that’s all he’s got

14. Like, literally

15. He eats – you lose

16. Outrageously on point

17. Does asking questions make me interesting?

On the latest episode and Lauren B, Bekah and Kendall all received roses before the Rose Ceremony began on episode six of Series 22.

The crew of ladies were whisked away to Paris where there was a double onslaught of two-on-one dates and a group date.


Following some pretty weak attempts at putting on a Moulin Rouge type show for Arie, Tia, Bekah and Seinne were the lucky three who were awarded with roses at the ceremony.

A random date was sneaked into the episode with a female called Jacqueline sweeping in from nowhere to seemingly to take another rose, meaning Krystal, Chelsea and Jenna were all sent packing home.

The Bachelor continues next week on ABC with six remaining contestants.