‘GLAM-SHAMING’ is now a thing thanks to U.S hit The Bachelor

Meet the new phenomenon called ‘GLAM-SHAMING’. It’s now well and truly a thing thanks to U.S hit The Bachelor.

Reality TV has provided us with some weird and wonderful terminology over the years. Our UK audience will be familiar with endless amounts of phrases that have crept into popular culture for better or worse.

Geordie Shore gave us ‘pure mortal’ and ‘tash on’, The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) welcomed the world to ‘ream’, while the latest trend of ‘little bit leave it’ was kick-started by ITV2’s Love Island. Thanks Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay. Thanks so much.

Across the pond and our friends in the United States of America have recently stumbled across their own new expression. It’s called ‘glam-shaming’.


You may have heard of fat-shaming, whereby individuals are critiqued or attacked over their bodyweight. There is also slut-shaming, a form of ridicule relating to someones current or past dating life.

During the latest episode of The Bachelor Series 22 however, we learnt the term glam-shaming.

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The crew of 13 women, all bidding for the heart of bachelor Arie Luyendyk, were on a hiking trek, heading towards Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Take the term hiking loosely by the way, it was more of a doddle.

During the stroll and contestant Marikh confronted Chelsea over rumours that her love rival had been glam-shaming her to other contestants throughout the day.

Of course, Chelsea responded like all of us would, by asking what the hell glam-shaming was.

Luckily, Marikh was able confirm what had really gone down. She said:

“You told Arie I was using the compass to fix my makeup. I was fixing my hair.”

“Just like people slut-shame and body-shame people, you’re, like, glam-shaming me.”

In Marikh’s defence, the 27-year-old from Salt Lake City had in fact been using the smallest specs from her compass’s reflection to fix her hair. She wasn’t fixing her make-up at all.

The program finished with Chelsea going on to defend her words by explaining how she is a former model and is in fact ‘pro-glam’.

The bickering continued long into the end credits, with the term glam-shaming expertly slipped into sentences as if it was invented by William Shakespeare himself.

Understandably, social media went crazy over the new expression and everyone is keen to start putting it into practice.

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