Rooting for ‘weird’ taxidermy Kendall as The Bachelor narrows to final four

Rooting for ‘weird’ taxidermy Kendall as The Bachelor narrows to final four

In the latest episode of U.S hit show The Bachelor and Arie Luyendyk whittled his numbers down to a final four.

Seven stood with their luggage bags and ‘property of Arie’ tags as they were jetted off from the United States to Tuscany, Italy.

However, with no Final Rose Ceremony it was all down to the one-one-one dates, where three failed to secure the delicate petals of a red rose.

Jacqueline, Seinne and Bekah were the trio to tumble out of the competition, leaving most The Bachelor fans with one clear favourite for the remaining few weeks – ‘weird’ taxidermy Kendall.

Against the backdrop of some seriously stereotypical Italian settings, where dates involved chowing down on pasta and listening to the advice of wise old Italian men caught eavesdropping, Arie gave his first rose to 1. Becca K over a picnic lunch.

Ka-ching, one in the bag Arie, onto date number two.

Here, Jacqueline decided to tag herself out of the competition, admitting she didn’t have strong enough feelings for Arie to warrant a hometown date.

JACQUELINE . . . who?

Good choice Jacq, I mean we literally didn’t know you existed until two episodes ago, so it’s no wonder there was no connection with The Bachelor.

The next three women that Arie chose were 2.Lauren – despite the fact all of their dates were spent sitting across from each other in complete silence – 3. Kendall and 4.Tia.




Tia being the one who always has her face smooshed into Arie’s while whisperig “I love your lips” and Kendall the quirky female who we are all now 100% rooting for.

Kendall often catches Arie completely off-guard with her passing thoughts and questions, earning the reputation as the ‘weird’ or ‘quirky’ one.

They’re never actually going to make a good match, but it’s super interesting to see Arie’s brain jamming into overtime when asked things like “would you eat human flesh?”

Kendall is honest, wacky and a taxidermy by trade – which means she stuffs dead animals to preserve them. Love it!

She even entered the show describing her perfect man as “tall, with an easy smile, and a can survive a zombie apocalypse-type body”.

Kendall was also the contestant to put pantomime villain Krystal in her place a few weeks into the show, with Krystal booted off later that episode.

With Krystal constantly gossiping about the other girls to Arie in an attempt to scare him off, Kendall smacked her love rival in the face with a big ass hit of empathy.

The remaining dates saw Arie eliminate Seinne, explaining that nothing was specifically wrong with their relationship but that something was missing. Nice work Arie, vague but also specific.

Bekah was the other women to face the axe, presumably with Arie quipping that ‘it’s not you, it’s me’, all the while he rubbed his own hand to console himself throughout the tear-jerking drama.

This literally happened . . .

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