When it comes to dating, a trip to the bowling alley can be a popular and quirky date-night idea. But as we saw in week five of U.S hit series The Bachelor, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to impressing your date. Like, seriously, do NOT act like this.

The Bachelor 2018 star Arie Luyendyk went into week four with 10 contestants left bidding for his love on Series 22 of the hit U.S dating show.

In the latest episode and his group of love-hungry women were whisked away for a team bonding game of ten-pin bowling. Cue the funky smelling shoes and hilarious name changes on the leaderboard. Nah, they didn’t do actually do any of that – the bores.

Arie divide the 10 women into two teams and had told them that the winning team would be invited to an exclusive after-party.


Winner takes all

At this point and we all knew that one contestant would shoot themselves in the foot by switching on their over competitive do or die attitude. U.S.A !! U.S.A !! U.S.A !!


Hi I’m Krystal

And yep, as expected, things got heated the moment each team had slipped on their new blue or pink team jersey – which had been rolled into cute crop tops, obviously.

Meet Kystal, the stunning blonde who completely lost her head on the battleground of the bowling alley.

Before the showdown between Krystal’s The Spare Roses and opposing team The Pin Ups, Krystal took herself to one side away from the other girls for a truly special and inspiring moment.

She said a prayer to her dogs, confessing that she would win for them. Yeah, it got that serious that quick.

Krystal went on to swap encouragement for insults and gloated in shameless fashion as her team trounced The Pin Ups .

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Krystal, her new Termintor-esc image was confirmed when Arie announced that he had changed his mind.

Arrie decided that both the winners and the losers would both come to the party. Needless to say, Krystal was raging, and she continued to tear up the rule book on sportsmanship.

She seethed: “The other team didn’t win, he took back his word.

“He didn’t consult us, he didn’t take us into consideration.

“I’m looking for a partnership, someone I can trust.”

On the way back to the hotel and Krystal continued to kick-off, this time at Arie, brandishing him a liar.

After all of that and Krystal  decided to take the ‘moral high ground’, refusing to turn up to the exclusive after party. You know, after Arie’s disgraceful behaviour . . .

Finally, just before the Rose Ceremony was about to begin and the remaining contestants decided to confront Krystal about her tantrum. Fortunately though, Krystal was armed with the ultimate response.

She said: “Yesterday, I wasn’t hiding in my room. I was investing in myself and growing.”

Sure, sure.

In the dying moments of the show and as it was announced that three girls would be booted off for good, somehow, SOMEHOW, Krystal survived.

Chelsea, Tia and Lauren had already won their roses earlier in the show, Bekah M received the first rose, followed by Seinne, Kendall, Becca K, Jacqueline and Jenna.

And the last rose? Yeah, that went to the spoilt brat Krystal.

Needles to say, Twitter was not impressed by Arie.