The Bachelor weekly review: “I would drink my pee for Arie”

The Bachelor 2018 star Arie Luyendyk has 13 contestants left bidding for his love on Series 22 of the hit U.S dating show.

In week four of the show the remaining female contestants were whisked away from their mansion in California, washing up on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, for a luxury outdoor break.

The final result saw Maquel leaving the show by her own admission, alongside Caroline and Brittany who failed to win a rose at the rose ceremony.

For those unsure on who any of these glammed-up hotties are, here’s a handy picture-board to explain who is left and who has been booted off the show.

Seventeen down and out so far.

Contestants got glammed up in the most unessential camping gear, with the majority of contestants using compasses as cute dangly accessories and their hiking bags for extra make-up room. This is The Bachelor, what more do you expect.

On the way to finding their treasure, mapped ‘HOT TUB’, a heated debate broke out between Chelsea (blonde hair) and Marikh (brunette hair) over the topic of glam-shaming.

However, this did lead to one fo the most bizarre conversations held on reality TV. A conversation that thoughtfully brought the pressing matter of ‘glam-shaming’ to our attention.


Marikh probed Chelsea by saying: “I heard that you were glam shaming me.”

Chelsea responded like all of us would, by asking what the hell glam-shaming was.

Fortunately, Marikh was on-hand to bring the important global issue of glam-shaming to our attention, by explaining that it is similar to shaming someone for their dating history.

She said: “You told Arie I was using the compass to fix my makeup. I was fixing my hair.”

Chelsea went on to defend her words on camera by explaining how she is a former model and is in fact ‘pro-glam’. Well, there you go. Another fascinating debate from the world of The Bachelor.

Moving on – and quickly – we came to the moment where contestants were tasked with showing just how desperate they are to date Arie Luyendyk.

As a former Green Beret attempted to teach the women how they could survive without food or drink for the next couple of hours, Jenna jumped in with the desperation quote of the week.

The Green Beret man explained to the girls that they’d have to drink their own urine and eat maggots and earthworms to survive.

Jenna saved the day by saying: “I would drink my pee for Arie.” Before there was a long pause of silence between the group. Awkward.

Finally, the biggest talking point from the episode came during an intimidate one-on-one date between Arie and Bekah, where the topic of marriage was brought to the table.

The young-looking Bekah cut all tension by saying “Do you know how old I am?” Before continuing to explain that she is 22 years old, 14 years younger than Arie.

Arie said: “Oh my god. Twenty-two?! You’re so young. Have you ever dated someone my age?”

At this point, Arie’s face had been washed with doom and gloom with every motor-neurone in his brain flashing with alarm bells. But, while Bekah tried to save the day by saying she is very mature for her age, Arie swept in to give her a rose.

He threaded his finger through her hoop earring (somehow) and gave her a tender kiss.

Oh. My. God!

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