What did Brandon say on After the Final Rose, why was it bleeped out?

What did Brandon say on After the Final Rose, why was it bleeped out?

The Bachelorette season 18 came to an end on December 21st, 2021. Michelle Young had the difficult decision to make of who she was going to crown the winner of the show and also spend the rest of her life with. When it came down to it, Michelle opted for Nayte Oukoya over finalist Brandon Jones.

After the Final Rose host Kaitlyn Bristowe was over the moon for Nayte and Michelle and so was the franchise as a whole, by the looks of things, as Michelle and Nayte were gifted a downpayment on their first home during the finale. Michelle did get to hash things out with her former flames on the show, too, so lt’s find out more about what Brandon said on After the Final Rose.

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Midseason Trailer | Hulu

The Bachelorette | Fall 2021 Midseason Trailer | Hulu

Meet Brandon Jones from The Bachelorette

Brandon Jones was a finalist on The Bachelorette season 18.

He and Michelle Young appeared to get on really well during the series and he even met Michelle’s parents. However, she said that she had to follow her heart on the show, and that led her to Nayte.

Michelle said an emotional goodbye to Brandon on The Bachelorette. Brandon said that he wished her happiness in her life, even if it wasn’t with him.

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What did Brandon say on After the Final Rose?

During After the Final Rose, something that Brandon said had to be ‘bleeped’ out leaving viewers wondering what it was that he let slip.

Brandon said: “I do miss your parents a f**king lot.

Given Brandon’s connection with Michelle’s parents, it made sense that he’d be pretty passionate about his love for them. However, the fact that the After the Final Rose episode was a live show wasn’t ideal for the network, but ABC manages to bleep out his mishap.

Viewers had mixed reviews on Nayte being picked over Brandon

Judging by Twitter following Michelle’s decision, there were many viewers in tears during this year’s season. One person Tweeted in response to Michelle breaking up with Brandon: “Bbbrraaannndddooonnnn I’m balling my eyes out right now“.

Including a video of Michelle and Brandon’s break up on The Bachelorette, someone else Tweeted: “I am never going to be able to mentally recover from this“.

Many more Brandon fans suggested that he should be the next Bachelor.

Some people were happy to see Nayte and Michelle together, though. One viewer wrote that the pair looked like something out of a romance novel during the show’s final.

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