U.S The Bachelor 2018 star Arie Luyendyk has FOUR women left bidding for his love.

Arie, star of Series 22, is a familiar face to the franchise having almost claimed Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s heart in 2012.

The 36-year-old is a race-car driver, in a loose sense, and mega-rich real-estate broker, in a more literal sense.

Having kicked 22 women out of the luxury mansion in California, here is all you need to know about the remaining contests left in the show.




Becca K

Just to make things confusing, there is another Becca on the show. At least it’s not Lauren, there were four Lauren’s at the start of show, no wonder Arie had to get rid of some.

Becca is a 27-year-old publicist from Prior Lake whose favourite three films are Sister Act 2, Gladiator and Pitch Perfect. Hmm, interesting choices.




A physical Therapist from Weiner, 26-year-old Tia is one of the most tattooed members of the gang with an owl on her tricep, ‘patience’ written on her wrist, and a few others dotting around.

She has been relatively quiet on the show so far but describes herself as a leopard – sly, quick, sassy and beautiful.




Formerly known as Lauren B, the 25-year-old salesperson has now been given the title of Lauren thanks to the others dropping out.

She describes herself as very open minded and has a second degree black belt in taekwondo. And that’s of the reasons no-one is yet to argue with her.





“I once drove a car off of a ramp and through the caboose of a moving train. No lie.”

The quirky 26-year-old from Santa Clarita is a creative director by profession and says she is looking for a guy who is ‘tall, with an easy smile, and a ‘can survive a zombie apocalypse-type body’.