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This is who left The Bachelor and who made the final four during episode 7

Season 26 of The Bachelor is getting closer to the final every day and Clayton hasn’t much time left to decide who he gives his final rose to. His decision is becoming much harder as the days go on and his connections with the women get stronger.

Last night’s episode was no exception and was a pretty hectic one, to say the least. It started with some drama in Croatia and went on to show the final group date and one-on-one in Vienna.

We are here to tell you who went home, who got a rose and exactly what went down in episode seven.

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Corey & Carmella | official trailer

Corey & Carmella | official trailer

Who went home last night?

The episode started with nine remaining ladies and ended with the final four, making the rose ceremony a pretty big one for Clayton and the girls.

Unfortunately, Clayton said his goodbyes to Eliza who will now be heading home back to Germany after not receiving a rose. Genevieve, the 26-year-old bartender was also sent home after failing to win Clayton’s heart.

Mara was the third eliminated during the rose ceremony and will be heading home to carry on her life as a successful entrepreneur. Sarah the wealth management adviser was the fourth sent home and to many fans’ demise, Teddi was the final sent packing.

Teddi was the first of the entire series to receive a rose from Clayton and a lot of fans thought she would be in the final four, but it’s clear to see that Clayton’s heart lies with someone else.

The Final Four

This week’s rose ceremony was the most important of the season and it was the decider of Clayton’s final four girls, the girls of which he would be doing the iconic home town visits with next week.

Gabby, the 30-year-old ICU nurse was one of the ladies to receive a rose from Clayton and make it onto home town visits and it’s safe to say she looked very happy.

Rachel the 25-year-old flight instructor also bagged herself a rose as well as Serene the elementary school teacher and Susie the wedding videographer.

No one recieved a group date rose

As we mentioned the episode was pretty intense and a lot of the drama happened on the final group date of the season. The girls went with Clayton to meet a psychoanalyst who performed couples counselling with Clayton and each of the girls.

During the therapy with Genevieve, she seemed to clam up and became very tense about the situation resulting in herself and Clayton mutually agreeing for her to go home there and then.

This wasn’t the highlight of the drama on the group date, however, as later on the psychotherapist told Clayton that she thought one of the women was “performing” which threw Clayton off.

After this, towards the evening part of the group date, many of the girls genuinely considered leaving because Sarah was seriously implying that she and Clayton were a done deal.

Clayton called her out on this and confronted her about her “fake” crying. Clayton said, “I’m sorry but I just don’t believe you.” He followed by telling Sarah he physically couldn’t move forward with her and said goodbye to her there.

Due to the intensity of the night and saying goodbye to two of the women, Clayton decided that he wouldn’t be giving anybody a rose from the group date.



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