Tirdy Works season 2: TruTV renewal status, potential release date and fan reaction

There is easily no television series in the entire world which is as crappy as Tirdy Works, the hit comedy series about selling faeces-made knickknacks.

Sounds crazy, looks crazy, is crazy…absolutely hilarious. That’s how I would describe TruTV’s Tirdy Works.

The series is a comedy reality show that tells the story of Mary Winchenbach, a woman in Maine who makes and sells the most insane range of poop-themed trinkets that you have ever seen.

“I find turds, I make crap, and people buy it!” – Mary Winchenbach

Season 1 of Tirdy Works may have only just concluded, but fans are already begging for a second crappy instalment.

Tirdy Works renewal status…

  • At the time of writing, Tirdy Works has not been renewed for a second season, nor has it been officially cancelled by TruTV.

Although fans of Tirdy Works shouldn’t be feeling too shitty about this, we think that TruTV will definitely renew the show for a second round.

Whilst the season average ratings are yet to be revealed, we know that the premiere actually did fairly well, hitting a 0.06 rating and 0.14 million viewers. Yes, that is nothing compared to much larger shows on other networks, but for a small production on a smaller channel, it’s quite admirable.

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Plus, with how small the production on Tirdy Works appears, we don’t see TruTV as spending buckets and buckets of cash to produce, a.k.a. they are getting more bang for their buck.

Hopefully, we will get an official announcement on the future of Tirdy Works within the next few weeks.

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Tirdy Works Season 2 release date…

  • With no official confirmation that Tirdy Works will return for a second season, there is no information as to when it could drop.

However, if the series is renewed by TruTV, then we would expect production to start right away with season 2 releasing in spring-2021.

Although there is always the chance that production may be affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. Whilst the show doesn’t need to be filmed with hundreds of extras in public spaces, the series still takes place in Maine, which is still experiencing a public health crisis (albeit a smaller one compared to neighbouring states).

Altogether, a more realistic prediction for a Tirdy Works season 2 premiere would be fall-2021.

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Fan reaction to season 1…

Let’s be honest, if someone was to tell us about Tirdy Works then it would sound like the craziest, weirdest show in the world. Whilst yes, it is indeed those things, it’s also absolutely hilarious and well worth watching and it’s not just me that thinks this.



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