Tough As Nails 2020 winner revealed: Who got the finale payout?

The inaugural season of Tough as Nails crowned its very first winner on Wednesday, September 2nd.

The reality competition series started airing on CBS earlier this year on Wednesday, July 8th and has kept viewers entertained over the last months with its macho toughness.

In each episode, contestants take on a series of challenges to test their toughness at different job sites. Then, one contestant gets eliminated each week.

Myles V Polk, Kelly “Murph” Murphy and Danny Moody all made it to the finale. Both Danny and Myles were from the Dirty Hands team, and Murph was on his own representing Savage Crew. But who was the winner of Tough as Nails 2020? Find out about who won here and more about the prize.

Tough as Nails finale

The final episode saw two individual challenges and then one final challenge.

The final challenge saw the contestants race through an obstacle course based on previous challenges on the season. Some of the tasks included saw the contestants break walls, shifting bales of hay, untangle chains, secure a chain cargo net, and saw wooden steps in order to reach the Ford truck at the finish line.

It was a race to the finish, as whoever made it there first would be declared the winner of Tough as Nails 2020.

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Who was the winner of Tough as Nails 2020?

  • Kelly “Murph” Murphy

After consistently impressing throughout the competition, Murph was the winner of Tough as Nails 2020.

Murph is a 47-year-old Marine Corps Veteran from Paragon, Indiana. One of the reasons he wanted to compete on Tough as Nails was to show the public that veterans have the ability to perform anything. Murph has definitely been the competitor to beat on this season.

What was the Tough as Nails payout?

Murph, being the first to make it to the finish line, got the top prize of $200,000 and the Ford Super Duty truck.

The two teams both held the same amount of Badges of Honor meaning there had to be a tiebreaker. Dirty Hands were the team to win the tiebreaker, meaning that all six team members got an additional $10,000 on top of what they’d been paid so far. This means Danny Moody, Myles V. Polk, Linda Goodridge, Callie Cattell, Lee Marshall, and Melissa Burns each got $18,000.

Linnett Key, Tara Davis, Luis Yuli, Michelle S. Kiddy, and Young An all got just $8,000. This is obviously a great contrast to their winning team mate Murph, who in total won $208,000.


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