Games of Clones episode 5 aired on March 21st, with Nicole choosing Miko Rounds as her one and only.

It wasn’t an easy decision, though, and came after Nicole’s triplet, Sam, met with the three remaining girls.

The final choice was stunner Miko Rounds and we went about finding her on Instagram – check her out!

Screen Shot: Miko Rounds - MTV, Game of Clones S1E5

Screen Shot: Miko Rounds – MTV, Game of Clones S1E5

Miko is not a blonde

Unlike Ciara, this lookalike does not have blonde hair.

Miko has gorgeous brown locks of curls that she sets loose as often as possible

She looks great in sunflowers

She may be a photographer, but Miko is also gorgeous in front of the camera.

While visiting the museum of ice cream in San Francisco she wore a beautiful sunflower maxi skirt with a plain white top and it just complimented her completely.

Miko is very athletic

We got to see how much Nicole and Miko had in common on Thursday’s (March 21st) episode.

While we got to see play a little one-on-one during a basketball match Miko truly is athletic as seen on this post while at the beach.

She is proud of who she is

She is a beautiful black woman, and she lets you know.

She raises her fist in solidarity and pride and lets everyone know that she does spread love, but she has a little extra love other African American people and their struggles.


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I am smiling because I live in a time where I can raise my fist in symbolism of my pride. Yes we are witness that much still needs to change. However, we are also witness to the changes that have come to past. Maybe not enough but that gives hope that change is possible. I am full of love for everyone, but my love for my people and our struggle will always unite me to them in a deeper way. #IAmBlackFirst 📸: @theworldoftouch Day 10 continued couldn’t choose just one of these…. check my story to see this shot from the back. #BlackGirlMagic #NaturalHair #CurlyHair #Unedited #FitChick #Melanin #AllNatural #July18 #Cancer #Day10 #Yoga #SelfLove #Flexible #BlackWomen #Meditation #BlackLove #Lesbian #Beach #beachlife #FBF #loveislove #SelfLove #Unedited #BlackRockingIt #Malibu #LosAngeles #BlackPride #CancerNation

A post shared by Miko Rounds (@miko_rounds) on Jul 11, 2017 at 10:33am PDT

Miko looks fabulous in bathing suits

We’re all just so jealous that she looks gorgeous in basically anything.

However, she seems to shine just a little bit extra in bathing suits.



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