What happened to Dr. V on Marriage Boot Camp? Hip Hop Edition absence theories

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition is back but something’s changed about the new series. 

Marriage Boot Camp returned to WE tv on Thursday, July 2nd with a super special series. The marriage counselling show is welcoming five couples famous in the hip hop world. This season welcomes Tahiry and Varo, Willie and Shanda, Hazel-E and De’von, Phaedra and Medina, and Kurupt and Toni to the show.

The first episode showed Dr. Ish and Judge Toler attempt to help the couple deal with a range of issues from alcoholism to cheating, intimacy issues and even physical abuse.

But one thing Marriage Boot Camp viewers were asking after the first episode was ‘where is Dr. V?’

The fan-favourite clinical psychologist Venus Nicolino has appeared on the other series, so why is she not on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition? Find out what happened to Dr. V here.

Screenshot: Season Recap w/ Dr. Ish & Dr. V | Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition | WE tv YouTube

Dr. V on Marriage Boot Camp

Venus Nicolino joined Marriage Boot Camp in its sixth season, when the show was dealing with reality stars. She is also the lead host of one of the other spin-offs, Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

Venus, or Dr. V as she is known, was well established in the TV industry before starring on Marriage Boot Camp.

In 2013, Dr. V starred in L.A. Shrinks and then went on to appear in the likes of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Millionaire Matchmaker, Watch What Happens Live, and The Dr. Oz Show.

What happened to Dr. V on Marriage Boot Camp?

Unconfirmed. Dr. V has yet to comment on her absence. However, there are theories going around as to Dr. V’s absence on Marriage Boot Camp, notably her absence from the Hip Hop Edition series.

WE tv announced that Dr. V had taken some time off of the show to work on a book, however would be returning for the Reality Stars season.

Others online have speculated that Dr. V specifically does not want to return to the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition series after her first series ended up with plenty of fights. Dr. V was also absent from the Hip Hop Edition series which aired earlier this year.

One fan tweeted: “whatever happened to the white lady?! All the hip hop couples ran her off?! She had new outfits and everything…sad” Another added in the comments: “I’m guessing it was all the weed smoking and fighting, ain’t seen her since Waka was hollering CAP CAP”

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