Made in Staten Island hasn’t aired on USA TV since January 28th.

Cast members have spoken out, protesting that the show has not been canceled, although we haven’t seen an episode since the third instalment nearly two months ago!

So, is Made in Staten Island cancelled? Could it change TV networks? And, basically, what the hell is going on?

Screen Shot: CP, Paulie, and Taylor - MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3

Screen Shot: CP, Paulie, and Taylor – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3

Is Made in Staten Island Canceled?

Officially, no!

MTV have not officially announced that the series has been canceled from their network.

However, they have refused to release a statement confirming that Made in Staten Island will continue on MTV.

Fans are basically stuck in limbo every Monday night.

What Reality Titbit can confirm is that Staten Island is not on the MTV TV schedule before Sunday, March 25th. This means that it definitely won’t return to MTV’s Monday night schedule in March!

Screen Shot: Find Made in Staten Island on MTV - MTV

Screen Shot: Find Made in Staten Island on MTV – MTV

Why Would They Cancel Made in Staten Island?

Staten Island residents have not been particularly thrilled with the show.

Mayor of Staten Island, Bill de Blasio, shared a petition to get the show canceled, explaining that the MTV series was “peddling stereotypes in a shameless ratings grab”.

There is also another petition on that sets out to cancel the show.

Could Made in Staten Island Switch Networks?


Although there has been absolutely zero information about the series since it was pulled off the air, it wouldn’t be the biggest shock to see Made in Staten Island pop up elsewhere.

Cast members have always reiterated that their show is 100% not canceled with Karina Seabrook exclusively telling Reality Ttbit that a “big announcement was coming soon”.

Could this announcement be a network change?

Screen Shot: Karina – Made in Staten Island MTV

Made in Staten Island on… VH1?

An obvious new home for Made in Staten Island would be VH1.

Karen Gravano is the executive producer on the show and leading cast member Karina Seabrook’s mom, as well as a former castmate on VH1’s Mob Wives.

Clearly, she has some good network ties to VH1. Not only this but both channels are owned by the same media company, Viacom.

Made in Staten Island on…

The only other potential suitor we see viable is E! Entertainment, who air the same type of reality TV content.

It is extremely likely that the show would end up on any streaming platforms such as Netflix.



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