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What happened to RJ and Jay Paul on Swamp People? Updates since season 10!

Fans of Swamp People are wondering what happened to RJ and Jay Paul? This is due to the father-son duo leaving the popular series after S10.

The American reality series was first introduced in August 2010 on the History channel which follows some of the same people throughout the series although with some new faces. Swamp People shows the life of American alligator hunters that follows a 300-year tradition.

Many fans of the show want to know more about RJ and Jay Paul Molinere who were filmed in the outback of Houma and Violet in Louisiana. The Father and son duo were fan favourites on the series but were not shown again after season 10.

So, what happened to RJ and Jay Paul on Swamp People?

What happened to RJ and Jay Paul on Swamp People?

Since departing the series, the Molinere’s offered tours of the swamps in order to make a living. Jay Paul is married to Ashley Price Molinere with whom he has three children. He can be seen on Instagram passing on his hunting skills to his children. Most recently RJ gained recognition for winning the Mississippi State Arm-wrestling competition and he can be seen on his Instagram account engaging in multiple competitions.

RJ and Paul Molinere were also seen in 2013 having been arrested on “battery charges“. The incident they are said to have been involved in happened at a Mini Mart in Bourg Larose Highway, Louisiana. Following their arrests, they claimed they were the ones being attacked in that situation. However, there is no confirmation of them having been charged with anything.

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RJ and Jay Paul’s individual net worth’s revealed

RJ Molinere is reportedly worth $500K in 2021. He made his fame and fortune after appearing on the Swamp People series and through his job as an alligator hunter.

His son, Jay Paul, is said to be worth $800K. Despite both of them having appeared in the same show and pursuing the same line of work, Jay Paul has a higher net worth. This is due to his time as a professional boxer. Previous to becoming a TV personality, Jay Paul built up a career in professional boxing and is also a trained MMA fighter.

How to catch up with Swamp People?

The Swamp People series is only available to watch on Subscription-based sites, with prices varying for each site. The History channel releases new episodes of Swamp People on Thursdays at 9 PM (ET).

Swamp People Seasons 1-10 is available for fans to catch up with, on Amazon Prime Video. Episode prices start at £1.89/$2.61 Alternatively fans can buy a whole season from £15.99/$22.05.

Each episode is also available to watch on YouTube and Google Play. Like Prime video, to watch episodes on these sites you must purchase them. However, both YouTube and Google Play feature Season 11. Season 10, is also available on popular streaming site Hulu.

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