Who is Jody Davidson from The Mighty Underdogs?

Jody Davidson will be appearing on the brand-new Discovery show The Mighty Underdogs. In the show, quirky teens will be put to the ultimate test in the world of dog shows.

The AKC National Championship and the Westminster Dog Show are the pinnacles of the fierce world of dog show competitions, but getting to these coveted shows is not easy. It takes countless hours of practice, grit and determination. Find out all about professional coach Jody Davidson who will be coaching the teens here.

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What is The Mighty Underdogs?

The Mighty Underdogs offers a never-before-seen look inside Junior Dog Shows where teen handlers compete among thousands for one of the coveted spots at the AKC National Championship and Westminster Dog Show.

At the centre of the action is coach Jody Davidson who builds champion teen handlers while also offering guidance on their road to self-discovery.

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Who is Jody Davidson?

Jody Davidson is a world-renowned coach who is trained to win with her strict rules and no-nonsense attitude.

She is a professional dog trainer as well as a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Located in Arizona, Jody will be leading a team of young dog show enthusiasts to not only become good handlers but also teach them the life skills of responsibility, discipline and compassion.

Who will be taking part in The Mighty Underdogs?

In The Mighty Underdogs, viewers will see ambitious, quirky and curious kids learn the tricks of the trade as they also embark on a journey of self-discovery.

13-year-old Emerson has to make the tough decision of retiring her beloved dog Rye and starting all over with a new puppy. While 16-year-old Turner hopes to make the Nationals before he ages out of the age-based competition.

Camryn who is 13-years-old is obsessed with winning the first prize ribbon with her Pomeranian Kevin. Lily who is also 13 years of age is busy showing her dog Gnarly as she tries to navigate her social anxiety in the ring and explore her identity at the same time.



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