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FOX's The Masked Singer - Season Six
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The Masked Singer: Fan theories try to unmask who is ringmaster

The latest season of The Masked Singer has many fans wondering who is ringmaster as the identity still remains unknown. However, it looks like some of them might have a clue as to who is the person behind the mask.

The Masked Singer has gotten people excited as many have been trying to guess the celebrities who might be hiding unique singing skills. With the last season entertaining everyone, the latest season is no different.

As of now, some of the celebrities behind the mask have been unmasked. However, there are still a few who have left the viewers guessing about their identity.

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Fans theories around who is the ringmaster

The ringmaster has managed to charm everyone with her voice. However, when it comes to uncovering who the singer could be, it has left many people confused. Nonetheless, there are still a few cards on the table that has some convinced they may have found the answer to who really is the ringmaster.

Some fans think the ringmaster could be Disney’s China Anne McClain. China has appeared in several movies and shows and you would recognize her from the hit film Descendants. The actress has managed to wow everyone with her singing skills in the movie so we won’t be surprised if it is her behind the mask.

Meanwhile, some think that the ringmaster is none other than Hayley Orrantia. Hayley is known for her role in The Goldbergs and since one of the clues for the celebrity happens to be that they are a 90s star, fans think there are high chances that it is Hayley behind the mask.

Other names that are seen include Charlie XCX, Michelle Williams, Gabby Barrett, etc.

Other masks that have been uncovered

In the previous episode of the show, in the episode, Masking For a Duel — Round 2, it was found out that Penn and Teller were behind the masks. Teller was in the three-headed Hydra outfit. In fact, to confuse the audience, he managed to perform in two different voices.

The reason Teller’s voice was heard a lot is because everyone thought that if Penn performed, people would be quick to recognize his voice. “My voice is so damaged from years of being carny trash that I have just one voice,” Penn said. “I have no ability to change my voice even slightly. I do sound like me and I do talk a lot, so our strategy was to have Teller do most of the singing, so that those voices, which nobody knows, would be the ones you concentrated on. We also picked songs that we figured wouldn’t pin our age.”

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Why did the duo agree to star in the show?

The Masked Singer is unlike what Penn and Teller have ever done but the two were excited to become a part of it. Speaking to Variety, Penn said: “When someone calls up, we answer the phone, ‘Yes. We are the longest-running Las Vegas headliners in history. And we’re we’ve put about a quarter-billion people into our theater here in the Penn & Teller theater. And we do that by people seeing us on TV. So we love doing all sorts of things on television, and we are not very picky.”

He continued: “This is so playful and so good-natured and so sweet that it really wasn’t even an instant of hesitation to go on the show. I like the kindness of this show. So many of your competition shows seem to revel in some sort of unnecessary leanness, and this show is just happy.”

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