Who is Woody from Married at First Sight? Fans don't think he's ready for Amani

Married at First Sight is back on Lifetime this summer, looking to match more perfect couples. 

The eleventh season kicked off on Wednesday, July 15th, this time taking New Orleans by storm. Already, the new season of MAFS is the talk of the internet, with the couples looking more explosive than ever.

One of the most talked about couples is Woody and Amani, as viewers are sceptical he is ready to settle down. This point was backed up by his friends, who don’t believe Woody is ready for marriage either.

With Woody now on our screens, we thought it high time to get to know the reality star better. So, here’s what you need to know about Woody, plus more on what the Married at First Sight fans have to say about him.

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Who is Woody?

Woody, whose real name is Woodrow, is a 30 year old teacher and coach. Woody was born and raised in New Orleans.

Passionate about fashion, partying and family, Woody seems like a totally fun guy to be around. But that doesn’t always equate to someone who’s ready to settle down. In the first episode, Woody’s friends voiced their concerns that he will dislike not having the freedoms of a single man. But as Woody’s best friend Miles is also taking part on the show, he’ll have a buddy to settle down with too.

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Woody is incredibly close with his mother. His father was in prison while he was growing up, and so the mother-son bond is important to him. Amani had better impress her future mother-in-law then, too!

Woody and Amani on Married at First Sight

Woody was matched by the Married at First Sight team with Amani, 29. Amani was born in California but raised in Chicago. She then moved to New Orleans for college. Amani currently works as a program coordinator for non-profit organisations.

According to her Lifetime bio, Amani is “serious about finding a life partner to share career ambitions with, explore the world, and ultimately start a family.”

With their passion for family and helping young people, you’d think Woody and Amani are a perfect match on paper. But will this couple be able to make it work?

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Screenshot: Married at First Sight Season 11 Supertease | Lifetime YouTube

MAFS fans question Woody

Amani has trust issues from her previous relationship; the first episode (Wednesday, July 15th) saw her open up about her past struggles. Many are questioning whether party boy Woody is ready to be the man Amani needs.

One viewer tweeted: “I’m already gonna call it. Woody and Amani aren’t gonna work.” Another called Woody’s behaviour a “red flag” and encouraged Amani to withdraw from the relationship.

A popular fan account on Instagram @MAFSfans who often uncover the contestants’ hidden social media, found out some interesting truths about Woody. They found two of Woody’s friends claiming that his dream was to be on reality TV. This led fans to suspect Woody’s motives for being on the show even more. We’ll just have to see how this relationship goes over the course of the next few weeks…

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