Channel 5 had a pretty big 9 pm void to fill once Celebrity Big Brother wrapped up.

Obviously, C5 producers had to come up with something new and original to retain the thousands of viewers they were attaining with CBB.

Enter Celebs in Solitary!

Here’s everything you need to know about watching Celebs in Solitary online.

Presenter George Lamb

How to Watch Celebs in Solitary Online

Unfortunately, no prior season to this one is available online. The show is not on Amazon or Netflix.

This is technically a new show, with this season being labelled as series 1. However,  George Lamb participated in the show last year, titled In Solitary, so it’s not all new.

The concept is this: celebs are locked in a singular room with no contact with the outside world for five days.

The only way to watch Celebs in Solitary online is to head to Channel 5 catch up and watch the episodes you’ve missed from this season.

Presenter George Lamb

Is Celebs in Solitary as Good as Celebrity Big Brother?

That remains to be seen.

The four celebs entering solitary are Anthea Turner, Professor Green, World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall, and comedian Shazia Mirza.

Professor Green

Reviews for episode 1 haven’t been great. Most agree that Anthea knitting is about the only thing that actually happened.

Channel 5 will hope the show picks up a bit – they’ve taken a bit of risk and pitted it against Wanderlust on BBC One and First Dates on Channel 4, which both air at the same time.

Anthea Turner

How to Watch Celebs in Solitary on TV

You can watch Celebs in Solitary on Channel 5 on, at 9 pm.

Episode 2 is on Wednesday, September 12th, at 9 pm, and the final episode is on Thursday.

So get the dates noted down in your calendars, you don’t want to miss this…

Professor Green