This October, Ibiza Weekender is back! This time, however, it’s in a spin-off format called The Weekender Boat Party.

Here is all the info you need on how to watch Jordan Davies and co causing chaos on a boat. This is how to watch Weekender: Boat Party online.

©Two Four Productions

©Two Four Productions

Watch Weekender: Boat Party Online at the ITV website

As the show airs on ITV2, catch-up episodes will be available through the ITV website.

They’re usually up within an hour of airing, so head over to the official ITV hub at

Episodes stay online for 30 days.

©Two Four Productions

©Two Four Productions

Watch Weekender: Boat Party Online via iTunes

Pay as you go is one way to get your hands on the episodes.

All previous series are on U.K iTunes for you to purchase, either individually or as a series. They cost £1.89 a pop, or £10.99 for the series.

Expect the spin-off Boat Party episodes to follow suit.


Can I Watch Weekender: Boat Party on Amazon?

Just like iTunes, Amazon’s video library has the Ibiza Weekender episodes and series for sale.

You can expect the Boat Party spin-off to show up there soon enough.

Prices are similar to iTunes, with £1.89 for SD and £2.49 for HD quality downloads.

©Two Four Productions

©Two Four Productions

What About Netflix? Can I Stream Boat Party There?

Unfortunately, there is no sign of the Ibiza Weekender episodes on Netflix.

Which doesn’t look good for Weekender: Boat Party!

Never say never, though. Remember you can contact Netflix on Facebook and Twitter to suggest shows you’d like them to include in their streaming catalogue.