Are Shane and Lacey from Love After Lockup still together?

The WE tv series, Love After Lockup is currently airing its third season which premiered in June 2020.

The series which follows the lives of spouses dealing with relationships behind bars also follows the journey of Lacey and Shane.

The pair who shared their ups and downs on the show are keeping fans guessing if their relationship managed to pass the tests thrown at them.

Since the show was filmed, the question on all our minds is – are Shane and Lacey still together?

Who are Shane and Lacey?

Reality tv star and mother to her daughter, Summer Rayne, Lacey turned 32-years-old on 29th August.

Born and raised on the East Coast of the US, Lacey comes of Italian descent made clear through her Instagram name @italian_queen757.

Asides from starring in Love After Lockup, Lacey also has a few business ventures including selling candles and fragrances for Scentsy and also makes money through her OnlyFans account.

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Founder and CEO of Diamond Cut Body, fitness and apparel brand, Shane Whitlow is also father to Summer Rayne.

In June 2021, 23-year-old Shane was arrested and trialled for abusing a dog, which passed away from its injuries and another incident in which he physically assaulted a family member.

Shane and Lacey’s relationship on the show

Following many twists and turns on the show, Shane and Lacey’s relationship has not been easygoing.

Before meeting Shane, Lacey was in a relationship with childhood sweetheart, John Slater, however, when meeting Shane online, Lacey decided her heart was with him.

After becoming engaged, Lacey discovered that Shane had cheated on her and so went back to John.

Eventually, after John went to prison, Shane and Lacey finally decided to get married.

Are they still together now?

Yes, Shane and Lacey are still together today and share their daughter who was born this year.

Although Lacey hasn’t posted Shane on her Instagram page since March 2021, Shane posted some throwback photos of the pair in August, captioning the post, “I really value these pictures because they are memories that I will cherish forever when we first got together”.

Unless anything has changed in the last month, it looks like this family are happily together despite any drama that has occurred throughout the show!



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