Scott Davey rose to fame during his journey on We TV’s Love After Lockup which included a complicated relationship with Lizzie Kommes. The news of his death left fans in shock, but how did he die?

Love After Lock Up chronicles the lives of different couples whose partners have been released from prison and are now adjusting to their new lives, whilst managing to keep up their relationships and marriages outside the cell.

Scott appeared during the first season of Love After Lockup, where he shared his relationship with former inmate Lizzie Kommes. Throughout the episodes, drama and tension were present, ultimately leading to them breaking up.

But what happened to Scott Davey?

Who is Scott Davey from Love After Lockup?

Love After Lock Up's Scott Davey wears a blue shirt as he sits on a chair
Credits to We Tv | Love After Lockup | YouTube

Scott Davey was a commercial truck driver for 27 years.

Not a lot of information is known about Davey, but he attended Oxnard High School and graduated in 1985.

His fame skyrocketed during his appearances in We TV’s Love After Lockup and his relationship with Lizzie Kommes during season one, and it didn’t take long for Scott to become a fan-favorite in the series.

Do we know how Scott Davey from Love After Lockup died?

He died on November 12, 2021, when he was 54. The cause of his death remains unknown. His passing was announced during a special New Year’s episode.

He’s survived by his son, Adam, and his daughter Alyssa Cruz. Also his parents, John and Mary Davey, and his four siblings: LoRena, Bill, Wade, and David.

As published on Legacy, his obituary pays tribute to his kindness, adventure, and “ability to give old stories new perspectives”.

Davey had an interest in collecting vintage cars for restoration and loved to ride BMX with his son Adam.

“When you see a big right on the road, think of Soctt and wave a blessing to his. May the Lord keep him safe. God’s Speed Scott.”

Scott’s complicated relationship with Lizzie Kommes

Lizzie and Scott have an argument
Credits to We Tv | Love After Lockup | YouTube

Scott and Lizzie had a very intense and controversial relationship. The couple met on Meet-an-Inmate, a dating website. They got together shortly after Lizzie came out of prison after eight years inside for DUI and bribery charges.

She struggled financially and had a drug addiction. However, she was looking forward to taking things seriously with Scott.

Fans were able to follow their love story and journey through Love After Lockup, where tension rose between the two right after Lizzie was released from prison.

If financial problems weren’t enough between the couple, Scott’s problem with his addiction to alcohol and drugs further stirred the drama. Scott once refused to take a drug test and confessed he had used substances before.

Despite their efforts to make their relationship work, in the end, the two decided to go their separate ways.

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