21 totally on-point TWEETS about Survival of The Fittest episode one - “Poundland version of Love Island”

21 totally on-point TWEETS about Survival of The Fittest episode one - “Poundland version of Love Island”

The new series of ITV2 series Survival of The Fittest kick-started last night (Sunday, 11 February 2018).

From the producers of 2017’s Love Island there were some big expectations placed onto the shoulders of a show dubbed ‘the Winter version of Love Island’.

However, episode one came with mixed reactions from Twitter. And by mixed, we mean hilarious.

Survival Of The Fittest: ITV2

Slating the host of model-esc contestants for their same-same muscular physiques and bright white teeth, social media ripped into Survival of The Fittest without mercy.

The show will air on ITV2 at 9pm EVERY night this working week, although it already looks unlikely that our Great British public will connect with the personalities as much as they did with the likes of Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow, Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay.

Then again, 90% of us said we wouldn’t get into Love Island – two months later and we were all totally addicted.

1. Expectation v Reality


2. Everyone in the UK right now

3. And we mean EVERYONE


4. My name’s Tristan and I use charcoal toothpaste

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest – Tristan

5. We want Linda!


ITV2: Survival of The Fittest

6. Or even Tim from Wiltshire


7. On a budget . . .

8. Well that got serious quick

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest

9. Can you stop copying Marcel, please

9. Ouch!

10. So you mean you stack shelves


11. Even the TV present isn’t safe

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest – Laura Whitmore

12. Unbearable . . .

13. This is 100% going to happen

14. Shut up and just look at their bodies!

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest

15. Tristan is getting pied


16. Badly . . .

17. Reality TV stars in 2018 be like

18. The pain is real

19. Hardcore egg and spoon racing

ITV2: Survival of The Fittest

20. Everybody on Tia’s conversation about her gender

Survival Of The Fittest: ITV2

21. Then there’s this


What is Survival of The Fittest about?

Survival of The Fittest follows a group of young, hot singletons competing against one other physically, mentally and of course, romantically.

In the ultimate battle of the sexes, a team of girls and a team of boys go head-to-head in a series of challenges to determine which sex wins.

TWIST: Living under the sweltering sun and together in “The Lodge” means romantic relationships could easily get in the way.

Will the girls put sisters before misters and will the boys choose mates over dates? Or will competitors end the night in bed with the enemy?

To find out more about the cast of Survival of Fittest read this next.

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