5 reasons why Grace Wardle is perfect for Dr Alex - Love Island

Grace Wardle could be the Love Island contestant to finally spark up a romantic relationship with fan favourite Dr Alex.

The beloved Alex George has proved mightily unlucky in love, bonding with everyone in the villa yet failing to spark any sexual flames with Samira Mighty, Megan Barton-Hanson and Ellie Brown.

Now, however, it appears that Dr Alex’s perfect woman has just walked through the villa doors.

Meet Grace Wardle, the realest woman in Love Island 2018.

1. Grace is Not a Fan of Tinder

While we can imagine some of the other Love Island girls flick through Tinder until their thumbs have been worn down to raw red nubs, Grace Wardle is not a fan of dating apps.

We can’t imagine that Dr Alex George is keen on the photo-driven and predominantly ‘quick hook-up’ platform either, perhaps making them the perfect couple already.

Grace said: I’ve used quite a few dating apps. I just find you have to go through about 200 men to find one decent one.”

2. She Wants a Man With Manners

Grace is looking for a “decent” man and not just the hottest hunk of meat on the market – that bodes well for Alex.

Gracey-Grace, if you’re looking for the perfect gentleman whose most offensive curse word is “HELL”, then look no further than Dr Alex George.

Grace said: I like manners and gentleman touches, like pulling your chair out at dinner and holding the doors open. They really go along way with me and it doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie – ITV2, series 4, episode 13

3. Grace is Not Big on Instagram

While new Love Island Bombshells such as Kazimir Crossley raced into the villa with almost 50k Instagram followers, Grace Wardle’s page is much more modest.

Likewise, Alex had the smallest social media following out of anyone when he entered the villa.

Of course, this is only social media, but the idea that neither of them enjoys flaunting their personal lives in raunchy images means that they already have more in common than Alex did with Megan Barton-Hanson.


4. She is Big on Charity

The few pics that Grace shares on Insta tend to highlight her everyday life and passions.

Not just bikini shots in front of skyscrapers, on any beach in Dubai.

Here’s a post from Grace having just completed a race for Cancer Research, where she said “doing it for my nan”.

 5. Grace and Alex Are Both From London

The 25-year-old hails from London, where she earns her living as a hairdresser.

Alex is definitely a realist when it comes to love, and perhaps sharing the same postcode as Grace will help lay the foundations for a successful relationship.

N’aww, imagine Alex popping into her salon with a sandwich on his lunch break. 

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