5 Stephanie Lam rumours we need to put to bed - Chris Hughes' 'secret girlfriend'?

5 Stephanie Lam rumours we need to put to bed - Chris Hughes' 'secret girlfriend'?

During Sunday night’s (15th July 2018) episode 36, it was confirmed that four new contestants would enter the Love Island villa.

One of which is Stephanie Lam.

Rumours surrounding the 23-year-old have dominated every corner of the internet, with speculation building around her relationship with former Love Island series three star, Chris Hughes.

Was Stephanie Chris’s ‘secret girlfriend’? Are they just friends? 

Here are 5 Stephanie Lam rumours that we need put to bed – ASAP!

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Rumour 1: Stephanie is Chris Hughes’ Secret Girlfriend

It’s more than likely that Stephanie has never been Chris Hughes’s secret girlfriend.

Then again, there is a possibility.

The Sun speculated that Stephanie was Chris’s secret girlfriend, citing an inside source as to their big reveal.

The Sun’s ‘secret source’ said: Chris and Stephanie have been dating on and off for six months. But this (Love Island) was an opportunity too good for her to miss out on, so she’s gone for it.”

However, Steph had some contrasting things to say before entering the villa.

She told Love Island producers that she had been “friends” with Chris since the last series and that they had shared nothing more than a couple of “mates’ dates”.

We hope that Stephanie can clear this one up as soon as she touches down in Majorca!

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Rumour 2: She Quit Her Job to Join Love Island

As far as Love Island rumours go, this one sounds pretty believable.

Considering most of the current 2018 cast quit their jobs to revel in the Majorca sunshine, we can’t imagine the 23-year-old left her accounting job with a ‘don’t worry I’ll be back soon’ sort of notice.

Rumour 3: Stephanie is Seriously Raunchy

Despite yet to appear on the series, or given the chance to open her mouth, reports are flooding in linking Stephanie Lam to the term “raunchy”.

With newspapers scouring her Instagram pages for the most revealing pictures, Steph has been decribed as the type of girl who “flashes almost everything”.

However, considering Steph’s Instagram is like all of the other Love Island 2018 contestants, we see little substance to this rumour.

Maybe she will subathe totally naked, maybe she won’t. Who knows!

The Express said: The brunette bombshell also put her enviably toned midriff on full display in the racy snap.”

Rumour 4: She’s Already Famous

This rumour loops back around to the whole ‘Chris and Steph sitting in a tree’ rumour.

Stephanie definitely isn’t a celeb when it comes to A-listers, but she does enter the villa with a strong social media following.

With almost 50,000 Instagram followers already, Steph must be doing something right.

Only time will tell as to why so many people are besotted by her… although it could just be for shots like this.

Rumour 5: Stephanie Lam is a Model

Of course, with great beauty comes great rumours.

Rumours have surfaced surrounding a potential modelling career for Stephanie, although there is no hard evidence to support this.

Regardless of the rumour, we’re sure that Steph will fashion some sort of modelling career after her Love Island stint!



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