In an unusual twist, Big Brother welcomed two new contestants more than halfway through the competition.

Isaac Jagroop was the latest BB contestant to be voted off, although Kay Lovelle walked out of the series and Ellis Walton was axed on day two.

Perhaps Big Brother are just trying to even up the ship.

Either way, here are five unusual things you didn’t know about Hussain Ahmed – the man who calls himself ‘the king’.

Big Brother 2018 - Hussain Ahmed.

Big Brother 2018 – Hussain Ahmed.

Hussain is the King

No. Really.

We’re not just saying this because Hussain called himself ‘the king’ during his pre-Big Brother interview, but his Instagram bio reads the same.

Perhaps he’s the secret ruler of an independent state or perhaps he’s just an utter tool.

Screen Shot - Hussain Ahmed Instagram

Screen Shot – Hussain Ahmed Instagram

He has a ‘Second Personality’

Much like Gemma Collins and her ‘The GC’ persona, Hussain claims that he has a second personality.

So much so that if you didn’t notice from the picture above, his Instagram handle is ‘Felix’.

Yep. Just like the cat that loves those treats, Hussain apparently has an alter ego called Felix.

Can’t wait to see Lewis Flanagan attempt to stroke Felix when he’s angry…

Here, Hussain is wearing a German national football team shirt with the name of a player, Felix Kroos, on the back.

Hussain is a Psychotherapist

The 25-year-old Big Brother star moved from Birmingham to Manchester where he now works as a psychotherapist alongside side a part-time job at Selfridges.

He Used to Have Bright Blonde Hair

Rewind a couple of months and Hussain had toxic bright blonde hair – we’re not talking about small highlights, either!

His hairstyle is always different on Instagram, however, so perhaps it was just a stage.

You know, 18 years after Eminem released Slim Shady.

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Pass me that mic 🎤😜 #okkkehhh

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Hussain is Incredibly Stylish?

Please, take note of the question mark.

In Hussain’s pre-Big Brother interview he said:

I get attention for my swag, nobody dresses better than me.


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This way please 🔌💥 #fashunn

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BODAK 😜 #fendi

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