7 of our FAVOURITE quotes from the Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On series

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On may have proved an unbearable watch, with the Love Island pair documenting their bitter break-up.

However, at times, both Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood proved why they first fell in love, bouncing off one-other with onslaughts of hilarious quotes.

Here’s 7 of our favourite quotes that had audiences laughing out loud, placing their hands over their eyes or simply exclaiming “f*ck sake Liv”.



The New J.K Rowling

Chris took the responsibilities of writing his autobiography with pride and honour, although his ghostwriters often found it hard to take him seriously.

Here’s Chris’s knowledge of the publishing industry…

“I’ve read a few books in my time … I’ve got all the Roald Dahl’s.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Vote Olivia 

If that wasn’t enough to have you spitting out your PG Tips in hysterics, how about envisioning Olivia Attwood as your local MP.

Liv said: “If Donald Trump can be president, Olivia Attwood can be a MP.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Fairytale Ending

While there was no fairytale ending for Chris and Olivia, at least Liv was able to use her favourite phrase on her below-average-height-boyfriend.

Google says he’s 6ft, Liv!

Olivia said: “Ben is doing everything and Chris is just standing there like Lord Farquaad.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

The Cost of Cool

Olivia went on a rant as the one year anniversary of her first appearance on Love Island approached, although she did her best to hide any emotion.

Cus, you know, emotions are lame-o-kablamo.

Olivia said: “It actually makes me a bit emotional. Not that I like to admit that because emotion is not fashionable.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Invite Only

Remember when you were a kid, and not getting an invite to someone’s birthday party was literally the biggest middle finger you could ever receive.

Well, Chris and Olivia were experiencing that as adults, having consistently ruined other peoples gatherings with their drunken arguments.

Olivia said: “Chris and I, and parties, just don’t go. We’re literally allergic to them. We’ll come to your birthday and ruin it.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Survival Of The Fittest

Chris has proved pretty useless over the three-episode ITVbe series.

He had to get Liv to explain how the dishwasher works.

Olivia said: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, like I’m so surprised that natural selection hasn’t weeded him out by now.”

Burn of all Burns

Chris met up with his friends in the final episode and one of his pals DID NOT hold back when it came to Olivia.

We didn’t catch his name, but what a way to end the series.

We salute you, random guy…

Random guy: “Well I probably wouldn’t want to be with a girl like Olivia full stop, no offence.”

Screen Shot: Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

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