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7 of Joey Essex’s most OUTRAGEOUS outfits - Five Star Hotel

Joey Essex has made the most of his time in Greece, sporting some of the most outrageous outfits you will ever witness.

Suns out, guns out – Joey has worn everything from a fur gilet to space-print leggings during his time on Five Star Hotel.

Here are 7 of Joey Essex’s most outrageous outfits. 

1. Gold Grillz

During episode 14 of Five Star Hotel, Joey was spotted at breakfast, smiling away with glitzy gold glowing from his mouth.

Apparently, the next stage in reality TV glamour is advancing from pearly white teeth to pure gold grillz.


Screen Shot: Joey’s grillz – Five Star Hotel, E4

2. Egg-print T

Bright, topical and totally on-point, Joey busted out a matching fried egg-print outfit for the Five Star Hotel breakfast service.

Skimpy shorts with a matching T, check out this saucy little number…

Screen Shot: EGGS – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: EGGS – Five Star Hotel, E4

3. Camo & Orange

When Joey went party shopping in episode three, he rocked the classic pulled up orange socks look, with navy camo-print shorts and a satchel thrown over his bare chest.

This year’s festival vibes?

Screen Shot: Joey Essex – Five Star Hotel, E4

4. Fur Gilet

Not only had Joey thrown together a matching blue shirt and shorts combo, but he topped off the look with a fur gilet.

Where he found a fur gilet during peak summer in Greece, we will never know.

Screen Shot: Fur gilet – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: JOEY ESSEX – Five Star Hotel, E4

5. Funky Leggings

It’s not uncommon to see J-man in a pair of skin-tight leggings.

In fact, it was a surprise that we had to wait until the 12th episodes to see Joey in these bad boys…

Screen Shot: Leggings – Five Star Hotel, E4

6. Double Glasses

In the final episode of Five Star Hotel, Joey was once again repping his favourite fur gilet.

On top this, he also double stacked his sunnies, wearing an extra pair over his head.

Maybe he thought he’d lost them…

Screen Shot: Joey Essex – Five Star Hotel, E4

7. Pinstripe Bucket Hat

Few people can pull off the bucket hat look without looking like a crazed raver at V Fest, yet, Joey successfully matched his black shorts and trademark satchel with an edgy pinstripe bucket hat.


Screen Shot: Joey Essex – Five Star Hotel, E4

Screen Shot: Joey Essex – Five Star Hotel, E4

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