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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Natalie Nunn storm

7 of Natalie Nunn's most controversial moments... she dated Chris Brown?

Natalie Nunn has been pointing the finger at all of the Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

Desperate to know the ins and outs of her fellow contestants’ lives, Natalie spent the entirety of day five individually asking CBB contestants “what is your storm?”.

Well. What is your storm, Natalie Nunn?

Here are seven of her most controversial moments from appearing on U.S reality TV show Bad Girls Club as a sassy 24-year-old to dishing out aggressive tweets in here 30’s.

1. Dating Chris Brown

One of Natalie’s most controversial moments came in 2010, shortly after her first appearance as a reality TV star.

Natalie claimed that she knew Chris Brown romantically and that pictures of them that had surfaced online were from when they hooked up.

Natalie said, in an interview with Vlad TV: I’m young, I don’t have a ring on my finger, I can do whatever I want to do… and I decided to do Chris.”


Chris went crazy on Twitter at the time, seriously denying that he ever knew or met Natalie.

He said that the pictures taken of her sitting on his lap were when Natalie asked for a picture as a fan.


2. Natalie Nunn vs Rihanna

Natalie made some very controversial comments about pop star Rhianna, shortly after it was revealed that she was assaulted by boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown.

She went back on record to say that she “doesn’t condone domestic abuse in any shape or form” although her original comments were along the lines of ‘Rihanna probably deserved it’.

There was also a second wave of tension after Natalie said that she was dating Rihanna’s cousin, Rorrey Fenty.

Just like Chris Brown, Rorrey denied these claims.

3 & 4. Fighting on Bad Girls Club

The 33-year-old from Oakland, California, was twice removed from TV series Bad Girls Club because of “physical altercations” with other characters.

Out of the three original Bad Girls Club series (not including spin-off series), Natalie was removed from two.

For instance here, in season 4, where she decided to have a classy fight in a bush.

5. Natalie Nunn vs Amber Rose

Wife of American rapper Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose, has constantly been involved in beef with Natalie.

Mainly, it’s been Natalie creating YouTube videos to slam the model and actress.

One video has 469,000 views, where Natalie rants about Amber Rose for eight minutes, using descriptive words such as “b*tch” and “hoe” while adding “stay in your lane”.

6. “That’s My Uber”

Footage from TMZ emerged of Natalie getting into a huge brawl outside of a nightclub.

Supposedly, the fight was over who ordered a certain Uber taxi. This was in 2015 when Natalie was 30 years old.

7.  Natalie Storms Out of Her Own Bachelorette Party

Appearing on U.S series Bridezillas, where Natalie married American football player Jacob Payne, Natalie stormed off from her own bachelorette party.

In true Nunn style, there was a huge fight, loads of drama, and Natalie eventually stormed off from the whole thing!



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