7 of Olivia Attwood’s most RIDICULOUS quotes from Crackin’ On - Episode one

Brand new ITVbe series Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On was welcomed to our screens with numerous hilarious and ridiculous quotes.

The Love Island couple, who came runners-up in the 2017 series but rose to stardom in the following months, have endured a rocky relationship since leaving the show, and things were never exactly great on Love Island.

Crackin’ On episode one recorded the fiery couple moving homes, packing their bags from Olivia’s flat in Surrey and moving to a luxurious yet secluded five-bedroom apartment.

It even had a pool, which, you know, is great for sunny England.

Screen Shot: The NEW gaff – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Between the bickering over furniture, the setting of new house rules and Olivia MIA following a house party, 26-year-old Liv came out with a selection of crackin’ quotes – usually about how useless Chris is.

Here are 7 of the best.


1. VIP

As the couple rocked up to a furniture store to pimp their new house, Liv felt like the ‘loading bay’ parking spot was 100% the one for her.

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She said: “I always park here, I’m a celebrity. They say, ‘Liv, you can park where you want’.”

2. Packing Wit

Not exactly renowned for her quick wit, Olivia proved surprisingly funny during a certain piece to camera.

Screen Shot: LIV – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

With Chris repeatedly rambling on about he was a “pack master” and was going to smash the task at hand of “packing boxes”, Liv came out with this:

“You haven’t packed sh*t, you couldn’t even pack a lunchbox.”

3. Survival of the Fittest

No, we’re not talking about that terrible ITV2 series that just came to a close.

Chris dropped a box of his girlfriend’s clothes on the floor while attempting to prove his “pack master” status, leaving Liv to fume to the camera about her clumsy BFF.

Screen Shot: – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

She said: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, like I’m so surprised that natural selection hasn’t weeded him out by now.”

4. Pack Master

As said, Chris was gunning to prove he was the “pack master’, although he proved pretty useless when it came to the whole moving house sitch.

Screen Shot: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Chris almost reversed the removal van into the curb, went about dropping a few boxes, and generally stood around looking like a lemon.

Sorry, a character from Shrek.

Olivia said: “Ben is doing everything and Chris is just standing there like Lord Farquaad.”

5. Argument Queen

If there is one thing we have witnessed more than anything else over Chris and Olivia’s relationship, it is the pair at each other’s throats, bickering and arguing like soul mates do.

Liv said: “We should probably have an argument just to christen the house”

6. Barbie Accessory

Following just another classic Chris and Olivia argument, Liv went on to rant to her friends about how her boyfriend was hiding from their problems in the Cotswolds, taking pictures of himself with horses like a Barbie accessory.

She said: “He’s out there playing farm yard f*cking Ken Doll – it’s not okay.”

7. Lights, Camera, Action

What do you do the minute you finish unpacking the boxes for your new home? Of course, you take a selfie.

Liv snuggled up on the sofa for the perfect Insta shot and was soon overwhelmed by the brilliant lighting from her new prime location.

She said: “OMG, it’s a really nice selfie backdrop as well.”

Liv also barged Chris out the way; who wants their boyfriend cramping their style, right?

Screen Shot: LIV barges Chris out of the way – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

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